A Little Bit More


Welcome to the continuation of my previous blog!

Thank you for stopping by and here is a little bit more about this blog and myself:

Although this blog mainly concentrates on food, but there will be the occasional posting on travel and other things in life.

For food restaurants reviews, I have a rating system out of 5, if the food is rated 3 and above, I am satisfied. Price wise, if they charge similar to other places, it's Fair, slightly more expensive would be Fair+. Service wise, if the servers where attentive but does not smile, they pass and get a 2.5 or 3, a smile would get then a 3+, depend on how sincere they are. 5 would be given if the server went the extra mile for any reason.
Disclaimer: I am not a food critic, my rating system is purely my own opinion and experience, yours may differ. 

One last thing, I am not a journalist, a perfectionist or even a writer per say. I am just someone who like to share about food through my imperfect writing.

Fact Sheet :)

Already known:
- Name: Jenny
- Loves to eat (particularly desserts and xiao long bao ^^)
- Loves to write (sometimes)
- Loves to share (always)

Not Yet known:
- I am Chinese
- Lived in Burnaby, then Coquitlam, and now in Surrey
- Use to live in Thailand when I was young
- Moved to Canada when I was 12
- Love to smile :)
- Likes to play volleyball and badminton  
- Dislike bitter melon, dry shrimp, wasabi and cilantro
- Loves milk, cheesecake, cherry, watermelon and pear based drinks
- Likes to cook and bake (will share some recipes when I have time)
- Love to travel (especially cruising, see post here)
- Want to visit all  wonders of the world (so far 5 down, a lot more to go)

That's all I can think of for now, will update if I find out new facts about myself. ;)