Monday, May 11, 2015

The Ramen Butcher - the first step out of downtown


The Ramen Butcher

223 E Georgia St,  Vancouver

Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Fair

While you read this post, I will once again be in Taiwan, hopefully this time when I get back I will have more time to share my trip report, and summarize all the best places to eat. Anyway, another ramen joint has popped up in Vancouver (when will you guys ever branch out of there, and consider Surrey, wishful thinking) to join the million other ones. The only difference is the location, this one is actually in Chinatown instead of downtown for once.

- spacious with high ceiling
- tons of natural light
- modern decor
Okonomi Gyoza - $5.95
- thin skin and crispy bottom
- love the mayo/benito flake combo on top, but it does distract the flavour from the ample filling.
Black Ramen - $10.95
- rich broth without being overly salty
- chewy thin noodles (I think you can add 2nd helping or free)
- the soft boiled egg was perfectly cooked with great flavor
Red Ramen - $10.95
-  more oily than the black ramen, I guess from the chili oil
- spicy, but tolerable for anyone who likes spicy food
- the pork was tender, but slightly fatty.

Service was courteous and friendly. Over I would say this place was pretty good, and consider the location (without the crazy downtown parking/fee), I would recommend checking it out. If you want to go without line up, I would suggest go 10-15min before it opens or go at least 30 min after it opens to wait for the 1st turn over.


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