Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spaghetei - spaghetti with a Japanese twist


Spaghetei すぱげっ亭

1741 Robson St, Vancouver

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

Spaghetei has been on my radar for awhile, the reason I haven't tried it is because I heard two opposite opinions about this place: one highly recommend it, while the other thought the food was average. R has always been a fan of Yoshoku restaurant, which serves western-influenced Japanese dishes, so finally we decided to check it out for ourselves.
- small, so best to reserve if you have a group larger than 4
- décor: clean and simple
Complimentary garlic bread
- toasted with moist centre and crunchy crust
- lovely garlic flavour without being over powering, just wish there were more
Meat Sauce - $11
- meat sauce with chunky minced beef and diced vegetables.
- sauce was sweet and savoury, but heavy on salt. It was a little heavy after a few bites
- very filling for a modest portion
Clam and Scallop - $13
- al dente spaghetti
- great umami seafood flavour laced in a ginger soy sauce
- fresh prawns and tender scallop
- modest portion for a guy, but there is a larger option for anyone hungry. Also a smaller portion available for anyone who just want a light meal.

I thought the meat sauce was not bad, but nothing special. On the other hand, I highly recommend the clamp & scallop dish for its unique flavour. I think R and I will go back, because it seems they still have lots seafood options to try.


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