Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bombay Se - AYCE Indian Cuisine


Bombay Se

#201 - 7500 120 St,  Surrey

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Food : 3
Service : 3
Price : Fair

Right before I left for Asia, I notice one of the online deal I bought was about the expire. Since the restaurant was next to a Cineplex, so we decided to do lunch and then movie. Bombay Se is conveniently located close to Cineplex Strawberry Hill, so it's perfect to grab a bite before before the movie. 

The restaurant was huge with sections big enough to host a wedding reception. The décor is a modern black with lot so TV everywhere. They serve buffet for lunch and regular menu for dinner, but I think you can still order from the regular menu
They were also a few deep fried food, such as samosa and vegetable pakora.
There were couple yoghurt base dip and dressing for the salad.
The selection is rather typical for a Indian buffet. It has it's usual rice, salad, curry and dessert. The naan is made to order, and I believe it's also unlimited as well. I forgot a picture of the naan bread, but take my word for it that it was really good. The bread was airy with a crunchy exterior, you just have to eat it while it's hot.
For the curry selection, I personally really liked the lamb and paneer curry, they were flavourful without being too sour. I found the butter chicken was more of a tomato base, thus more tart, plus I never really like white meat, as I find it hard and dry.

Overall, the food here was not bad for the value, especially if you buy a online coupon deal. I would definitely visit if you are in the area, but if you are not, I wouldn't come all the way out here just for the buffet, as it is very similar to other restaurant that offers buffet.


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