Monday, December 16, 2013

Suika - Izakaya style



1626 W Broadway, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

Suika has been on my to try list for a very long time now. I have heard and read lots of good review of this restaurant. So when A suggested a get together at this place, I was more than happy to comply.
The restaurant had very modern vibe with all brick wall and black interior. I really loved their customized alcohol bottle lights hanging in the center of the restaurant. This moderate size restaurant was jam packed by about 7pm, and the tables were relatively close to each other.
Deluxe Suika Box - $12.8
- a sample box appetizer consisting mainly kimichi flavor appy, such as the shrimp, tofu with some pickled veggie
- even though it was nice in presentation, but taste was rather monochromatic and uninspiring.
Asari Yaki Udon - $9.80
- al dente udon that is infused in clam umami flavor with a hint of sake
- fresh clams, great tasting dish
- rather big portion in comparison to other dishes
Grilled Sable Fish - $9.80
- nicely grilled with crispy edgest and buttery flaky fish
- lightly marinaded in miso to make the freshness shine.
- this was really good, so thus the half eaten picture instead of the original presentaion :P
My Ebimayo - $8.80
- large prawns with a snappy freshness to it
- crispy and well seasoned batter
- a tad oily
Grilled Duck - $7.50
- very fusion presentation and flavor
- sweet and savory with a slight tang from the balsamic
- meat was slightly tough
Cold Ramen Salad - $7.80
- loved this refreshing black sesame noodle salad
- very aromatic with a nice acidic ponzu sauce to balance out the richness from the creamed sesame
- fresh crisp vegetable with al dente ramen noodle
This restaurant is really attentive, they even offered mouth wash and other misc hygiene items. Service was generally well received, except sometime it's hard to catch the server due to how pack this place is. Food is pretty solid, and price is fair. So in a nutshell, I would definitely come back for another visit. 


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