Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chef Kebab - hidden gem in Surrey


Chef Kebab

16225 Fraser Hwy, Surrey

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

I recently went to a blogger dinner organized by a company called Lazymeal. They are a local company that make ordering from delivery restuarants a breeze. To make the ordering process easier for everyone, they insist on taking their own photos of the actual food. Also they have extended invites to bloggers such as myself to actually taste the food and share our opinion about them.
When I was approached by them to try Chef's Kebab, I was rather excited to see that they serve Indian food. If you don't already know that's one of R's favorite type of cuisine and he managed to turn me into a fan as well. From the outside it doesn't look like much, but the inside was nice and spacious. Despite the location, they were packed by about 7pm.
Chicken Pakora
- a spiced deep friend chicken finger with good flavor
- the batter was thin and crispy.
Chicken Tikka Afghani
- very moist and tender chicken with a touch of acidic note due to yogurt
- the species wasn'toverwhelming, it was rather mild
- nice portions
Chicken Tikka
- chicken just as moist, except there was more of a kick, but by no means spicy
- love the slight garlic taste of the tikka masala marinate.
Paneer Tikka
- grilled soft cheese with somewhat of a hard tofu consistency
- love the mild mustard taste
- definitely one of the best and perfect for vegeterian too.
Jackfruit Kebab
- it was very interesting fruit with tangy flavor.
- the fruit was very meaty, as seen in the above picture. It actually looks like chicken
- I think this would be very suitable for vegetarians
Chili Chicken
- sweet and soy flavor sauce over juicy deep fried chicken
- this tasted very much like a Chinese dish
Curry Lamb
- robust curry flavor that was well balance
- couldn't be more tender lamb without a ounce of gaminess
- definitely my favorite dish of the night, and that's saying something consider I am really picky with lamb.
Butter Chicken
- it was good, but heavy on the tomato base due to it's detectable acidity and noticable color
Tikka Masala Chicken
- I really like this as it was more creamy compared with the butter chicken
- it tasted very similar, but more balanced over all. I think the addition of peppers and onion helped.
Palak Panner
- one of R's favorite dish to order at Indian restaurant
- a nice combination of spinach, garlic and cumin. Despite the aromatic spieces, it was rather mild in flavor
- a great vegetarian dish
Ras Malai
- the syrup tasted like mild condense milk with a hint of rose water
- the cheese tasted like Chinese steam bun.
- I liked the sauce with the pistachio nut, not so much the cheese.
Gulab Jamun
- basically a donut soaked in honey water
- it was overly sweet for me.

If it wasn't for Lazymeal, I would have never found this place, because I have driven by it at least a couple dozen times. For this whole time I thought it was just a car dealership. The food was solid, and I would definitely recommend it, especially the lamb. Or if you are too lazy to go out and try it, you can simply just order it online. 


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