Friday, October 25, 2013

Toyotomi - worth the price


Toyotomi 豐臣家

110 - 8111 Anderson Road, Richmond

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Food: 4
Service: 3
Price: Fair +

Hotpot season is here, and I am so glad I took the chance to try out this somewhat hidden gem: Toyotomi
This hotpot restaurant is really big and can accommodate big parties as long as you book in advance. I love how it's mostly booth, so you can eat in private.
Duo Soup Base $9.88
- Sukiyaki lacked sweetness
- Salmon miso was the winner here (loads of salmon in the soup)
Veggie and Seafood
- great selection and fresh
- oysters were limited
- they don't short serve you like some other places.
- we upgraded, so there were tons of selection
- meats were fresh and not frozen
- lamb was gamy
- pork was excellent with the slightest skin attached.
Sashimi include in the upgrade
- quite fresh, although a bit thin (understandable consider it's AYCE)
- unlimited, unlike some places
Cooked dishes
- I loved their chicken wing and salmon skin (limited)
- mostly fried food, very typical
Lobster Sashimi - $2.99 for the first 6 orders of the night
- fresh and juicy with a snappy bite
- sweet and light
- the head and claws can be cooked in the broth to add flavor
- totally worth it at a unbelievable price

With the upgrade, we paid $21.95/pp excluding the soup base and the lobster sashimi. I think this price is fair consider the amount of food you can choose from, plus the quality is good. Service here is typical, because once they get busy it's hard to catch the server's attention. Overall, R and I would definitely recommend to any hotpot lovers out there.


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