Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fraser Valley Food Show 2013


Fraser Valley Food Show 2013
Last weekend, I attended the Fraswer Valley Food Show hosted at the Abbortsford Tradex Center courtesy of  PR company. Since I was a big fan of Eat Vancouver, I happily accepted the tickets to check out what Fraser Valley has to offer.

The show is smaller than Eat Vancouver, but it had more initimate feel where people seems more engaging when they talk with you.
There are lots of different stalls featuring a huge variety of food. Most of the them are featuring either organic, natural or good for you super food. Also majority of them are local manufacturers.
Love this cranberry display that shows how they are harvest. For anyone interested, there is a Cranberry Festival this Saturday in Fort Langley. I will most likely head out there and check it out. On a side note, Fort Langely is a beautiful heritage town totally worth checking out.
My favorite brand of potstickers (Siwin) was also at the show. I always get them from T&T, usually it's $10.99 for 3 bags.
The above is one product that I was impressed by: Ticolino by Seregenti Tea. It's a individually seal tea bag that can be also used as a stir stick. All you need is a glass of hot water, and you sip the stick for 5 minute, stir and enjoy. I actually tried a sample of peach green tea, it was delicious, remind me of Starbucks iced peach green tea. Also the packaging is 100% recyclable.
Other than food, there are also some very innovative product displays, such as the Gripstic seal as seen above. It is even liquid proof.
There were various stages set up for different shows. One of them was for the local master chef compeititon. This one was the celebrity cook stage, here featuring Rob Feenie the Iron Chef. He went on to demonstrate how to re-create Shepherd Pie made with duck confit from Cactus Club menu.
Aside from the shows, they were also a sausage competition that was taking place. It's $2 for the entire tasting, plus a you get a small glass of Affligem German beer at the end. This is where R came in handy, as he worked in the food industry, he was able to explain all the different kinds to me. After sampling over 10 samples, my vote went to the chicken apple sausage by Spolumbo.
Of course, what's a show without a beer and wine garden. You can purchase food ticket to get a taste on a wide array of alcoholic beverages. My favorite beer of the bunch was Fruili, while R's favorite was Belgium Tremens.
As always there are tons of samples to try and food to buy. A few restaurant were also featured along with their signature dishes. Most of the dishes ranged from $2-$5/serving.
R and I had a great time at the show, and of course we did not left empty handed (ended up spending about $100). There were some amazing deals, such as the 3lb of bee pollen for only $40. Of course, I couldn't pass on the Seregenti tea, it's just so innovative. This kind of show is great, as you get to find out about new products, and try them for free. If you like it, you can buy it at a discount price. It's a win win situation, so if you like food, definitely check out any food festival/show you can find. 


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