Friday, October 18, 2013

Catch 122 - another restaurant serving brunch


Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

122 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

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Food: 2.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

Brunch is our favorite meal of the day, because it typically means it's the weekend. Plus, you can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty, as you still have the whole day to work it off.  Catch 122, known for it's brunch menu, has always been on my radar, but we just never got around to trying it. So when the oppertunity strikes, I called up a couple of friends, and off we went.

Catch 122 is a popular restaurant located in Gastown, so parking was somewhat of a problem. However if you go early, there are probably still some 2hr limit expensive street parking. The restaurant was quite nice with a rustic feel. I loved the high ceiling and nice red brick walls.
French Press Coffee
- great portion, regular coffee
Duck Prosciutto Eggs Benedict  - $12
- the duck was extemely chewy (due to its thickness) and quite salty. 
- the poached eggs were the saving grace, as they were done perfectly 
- the grilled bread was rather chewy as well, but became soggy quickly 
- the potato hash was not bad, but lacked flavor
The Catch 122  - $12
- I did like like the cured wild salmon with a hint of smoke flavor
- the croissant was not as airy and buttery
Chorizo sasuage egg omelete  - $12
- honestly I can't remember exactly what my friend had, but she didn't say much about it
Braised Short Ribs Eggs Benedict - $12
- H did seem to enjoy his breakfast, but that portion is certainly too small for guys, as he was done in about 10-15min.

The ambiance and service here were good. The food was not bad, but the portion is simply too small for the boys. Also it did take awhile for the food to come, maybe because they were completely packed. If you have exhausted all the local brunch places, then give this place a try, other wise I would try somewhere else first (such as Cafe Medina).


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