Friday, September 27, 2013

Nero Waffle - in love with Liege


Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

1703 Robson St, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Price: Fair +

I have never really paid attention to this tiny waffle bar located at the end of Robson street next to the McDonald. After hearing so many raving review both online and from friends, I just had to go check out what's all the fuss about.

The first time I laid eyes on this place, I thought it was a take out restaurant. Now I know they actually do offer some dine in space, although I would still get take out if you can. I think the restaurant can seat maybe 15 people max.
Nero offers two type of waffle: Liege and Brussels
- above is liege waffle
- it's super delicious with warm caramel laced through out the waffle
- chewy texture with a nice crunch on the outside.
- it has a yeasty smell, which I love as well
Berry White - $8.75
- this was a summer special that is probably no longer available
- white chocolate mousse with triple berries
- the mousse tasted like a denser whipping cream
Grapefruit Delight - $8.75
- this was made with Brussels waffle which was light and airy, but not very special in my opinion
- fresh grapefruits topped with dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Razz - $7.50
-they no longer offer this on the menu, but if you know it by name, they will make it for you
- raspberry and 60% dark chocolate

After trying Nero, I can honestly say I see what the fuss is about, at least for the liege waffles. If you haven't check out this tiny waffle shop, definitely put it on your list to try. 


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