Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Triple O's - always loved their sauce


Triple O's

15588 Fraser Hwy, Surrey

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Food: 4
Price: Fair

I was never a stranger to Triple O's burger, as I use to work at Playland which they served either a hot dog or a burger as complimentary meal. I almost always went for the burger, because I am a fan of their sauce. When a communication director of Triple O contacted me asking if I wanted to try their secret menu, I happily accepted.

The coupon I received can be redeemed at any location, except for the ones in Playland and airports. I went to the closest location inside a minimart of a Chevron gas station. Despite being inside a minimart, it was still a full service restaurant with either dine in or drive through options.
Triple Triple burger ($13.49 for the combo)
- not listed on their menu, you just have to know it
- The fries where thick cut, and was quite crispy. They could use a bit more seasoning.
- seriously big buger, just look at that bun to meat ratio
- the patties were juicy and flavorful without any burnt edges
- toasted bun prevented it from being soggy
- still a fan of the Triple O's secret sauce
- recommend this triple patty only if you are extremely hungry, other wise just go for the double patty

The Triple O's burger is still as good as before. In comparison with Fat Burger of Vera's, the quality is definitely there with cheaper price. I would highly recommend Triple O's to any burger lover out there, especially if you are running short on time, as they do offer some fast service.


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