Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cafe Regalade - reservation highly recommended!!


Cafe Regalade

2836 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

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Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

I have been a fan of Cafe Regalade ever since I tried their brunch menu over a year ago. They had this delicious seafood egg reduction stew that was just fantastic. Sadly it seem they no longer offer it. A friend of ours tried their dinner menu and highly recommended the mussel. In fact A said it was the best mussel she ever had. With a recommendation like that, I just had to try it, plus there was this Groupon deal of $15 for $30 worth of food.

Cafe Regalade is a modest French bistro located on 4th street in the Kitslano area. It's really not that eye catching on the outside, the inside looks modern and simple with an emphasis on pigs as their decoration. R and I arrived early for our reservation on a Sunday night and was seated promptly. However we notice people were being turned away if they had no reservation.
The complimentary French bread
- perfect for dipping in the mussel sauce
Moules et Frites - $19.95
- there were cooked to perfection. Super tender with juicy
- full of rich flavor with fresh herb
- fries were crisp
Duck Confit - $21.95
- R thought the skin was too dry, but the meat was moist and tender
- although delicious, it was simply too salty
Brasied Pork Belly - $19.95
- one of the items on the Today's Special board
- The skin was perfectly crispy
- The pork just melt in your mouth without being oily despite the fatty layer
- The tomato stew (very much like rosee sauce) was perfectly cooked without being mushy.

After trying their dinner menu, R and I are still in love with this French bistro that so far have yet to let us down. The food is carefully prepared with great excution. The prices are certainly fair for the quality you get. Service can be a hit or miss sometime, as we had one waitress that just didn't look happy, while another one was very attentive and friendly. Either way, I certainly recommend this place, but make sure to reserve in advance.


Anonymous July 24, 2013 at 9:49 PM

We were just at La Cigale the other day and I have to say that Cafe Regalade, La Regalade, and La Cigale are all good bets for a French bistro. Guess it makes sense since they're all run by the same family.

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