Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indigo cafe - gluten/lactose free


Indigo Raw Food Cafe

2589 W 16th Ave, Vancouver

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It's no secret R and I love to eat, but we also enjoy cooking as well. We liked our chocolate making class, so there were no hestiation when I spotted a cheese/yogurt making class deal. The deal is $39/person for a 2 hours class where you learn to make yogurt, cheese, and cheesecake.

The class was taught at Indigo Cafe in Kitslano. The restaurant was quite small, it can maybe accomodate 20 people max. The food they serve are mostly made in house from scratch.
Initially I thought this would be a hands on course (one of main reason I bought the voucher), sadly it was not. It's more like demonstration and tasting type. Our teacher was also the owner, who was knowledgable about cooking wholesome food from raw ingredients, mostly because she had children that were gluten and lactose intolerant.
First thing we tasted was the fermented coconut water. All I can say is that it's an acquired taste. Personally, I thought it's too sour.
The teacher then made yogurt from blended almond mixed with berries. Of course the ones we tasted had already finish the fermentation process. I much prefer the sweeter fruity yogurt over the plain one. It had a slight gritty texture with a hint of nutty taste.
We were also given receipes and taught how to make cheese. Given these were made from nuts, thus it does not exhibit melting behaviour. These were mostly soft/spreadable cheeses along with some harden cubes. My favorite was the pesto made with cashew nuts.
Lastly we were taught how to made cheesecake with macadamia nut. The base was made with dates and walnut. I actually enjoy this cheesecake, as it was quite different. Apart from the similarity in texture, the taste was unique. It was nutty, and more sourish than I am use to. The crust was moist, soft and sweet.
As promised, we were given each a personal size cheesecake and yogurt to take home in environmentally friendly containers.

Honestly, this course for me was boring, because I would much prefer hand on work. If I really wanted to watch, I could have just found a video online. If you are like me, then I would not recommend this course. However I do have to say the food serve here is definitely wholesome and good (mostly lactose and gluten free), thus it is probably worth checking it out just for the food only (closed Sunday and Monday).


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