Monday, May 27, 2013

Romer Burger - price vs portion


Romer Burger

1039 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Romer’s Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Expensive 

Sorry for the lack of post, I was away on vacation and trying to play catch up at work. I had a great time, and did not want to come back, so expect some exciting post about traveling/food soon.

My quest to find good burger joint is still on, so when Groupon had a deal of $15 for $30 worth of food at Romer Burger, I just couldn't resist. We went on a Sunday afternoon and the place was semi-packed, with most people opting for a patio seat despite having just average weather. I guess any day without rain in Vancouver is considered a good day.

The restaurant had comptemporary design with nice brick walls, red leathery seats and large flat screen TV in ever corner. The patio was a nice size, but offered no view, as this was in Yaletown. We opt for indoor seats, because it was still too chillly in my opinion.
Halibut burger $13
- excellent crispy beer batter with super tender and flaky fish in the middle
- a great tasting burger with warm bun and tasty home made tartar sauce.
Mushroom burger $11.5
- patty was dry around the edges, juicy in the middle, but thinner than I expected
- nice sauteed mushroom with rich flavor if eaten individually
- too much bourbin garlic spread, which made it very overpowering

Rockin Yam Fries $7.5
- our waitress told us all sides must be ordered separately, and they are are quite large in size
- we thought the portion was very small for the price
- yam fries were lightly battered, and mostly crispy
- favorite has to be the banana ketchup which enhance the sweetness of the yam fries
- the chipotle aioli was too strong in comparison.

The food and service here were generally good, but the price and portion could be improved. Would I consider coming back? Definitely if I had another Groupon, but most likely won't with their regular prices. It seems they do run this deal once in awhile, so do keep an eye out for it if you want to try this place.


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