Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hamilton Street Grill - you be the judge


Hamilton Street Grill

1009 Hamilton St, Vancouver

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Food: 3.5
Service: 2
Price: Fair

I have an addiction to food, and it is not helping at all with so many good deals floating around the various coupon type websites. So now my new addiction is to check these websites daily and "carefully select" a "few" restaurants to try.
The Travelzoo deal I purchased was $49 dinner for 2 at Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown and it include a shared appetizer, two salads, two entries and a shared dessert.
The restaurant was rather dark with these small intimate table light, which is great for dates, but maybe not so much business dinners.The place was packed on a Friday night, so reservation is highly recommended.
-  we were handed a special menu which only had 2 salad to choose from.
- caesar salad was tasty with garlic dressing and delicious home made focaccia croutons
- salad with vinaigrette dressing lacked complexity, as all I can taste was sourness form the vinegar.

- mussels in chipotle bacon cream sauce.
- gigantic and tender mussels
- rich cream sauce with smoke flavor from the bacon and spiciness from the chipotle

- all other table was served bread, except us. We had to specifically ask for it.
- other table who were also enjoying the deal (different waiter) were served bread
- soft focaccia bread that tasted insanely good when soaked with the mussel broth, YUM!!

- lamb shank in sundried tomato sauce.
- huge portion of tender lamb shank in a lovely sundried tomato sauce
- vegetable a bit bland
- R: salmon was acceptable, J: dry for my taste, but then it's really hard to cook salmon
- salmon was bland, but roasted potato on the other hand was tasty
- ginger bread pudding paired with ginger and pumpkin gelato
- bread pudding was warm and tasty, but a little sweet due to caramel syrup on top.
- ginger gelato was different, it could be very overwhelming for anyone not a fan of ginger
- pumpkin gelato was mild and complimented the bread pudding well

The deal was worth it, we left stuffed and content with the food in general. However I can't say the same for service. Our waiter never refilled our water until right he before brought us the check (mine has been empty since the entries). As previously mentioned, no bread was given, nor where we offered complimentary tea and coffee per stated on the deal. Once again we had to ask for it. We barely saw our waiter during the course of the meal. I think maybe it's just the luck of the draw, as I saw other tables receiving great service from another waiter. In general I am a little disappointed, as my overall dining experience was not up to my expectation.


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