Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bistro 72 - great little hidden gem in Surrey


Bistro 72

13483 72nd Ave, Surrey

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Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Fair

When a deal popped up on Groupon featuring a bistro restaurant that served up fresh local food, I was intrigued. What really reeled me in was the location: Surrey. I mean it's not everyday you find this type of restaurant that serves up French cuisine with local ingredients. The deal was certainly hot, because by the time I purchased it, they already ran out of dinner for 2, and only had dinner for 4 ($39 for $80 worth of food). That's not a problem at all, as I have some friends (A+K) who love to eat as much as I do.
The restaurant was not hard to find, but it's is located in a rather unique place. It's actually a small restaurant that is on the bottom (basement) of the Old Surrey restaurant. The restaurant was lovely with French flare. Since they are quite busy on weekends and relatively small, we only managed to reserve seats at their spacious bar.
Complimentary Potato Chips
- fresh cut potato fried to perfection with a light dust of salt
- crispy and delicious with the perfect thickness
Salt Spring Island Mussels - Curry $15
- small mussels and small portion
- good curry sauce that is creamy and packed full of flavour with a hint of wine
Qualicum Bay Scallops $12
- tender, perfectly cooked scallop in a rich saffron cream sauce
- great portion for the price
Ryder Lake Pull Pork Poutine $12
- delicious pull pork with lots of sauce over crispy fries
- despite being pork, A thought it tasted more like lamb, very tender
- simple, yet one of the best dishes of the night
Pacific Crab Baked with Avocado Dip $15
- avocado richness infused with crab and melted emmenthal cheese, but needed a little more salt for my taste
- crispy and light in house made tortilla chips
- small portion of dip for the chips provided
Seared Ahi Tuna $15
- interesting sesame crusted tender ahi tuna
- flavour was lacking, as I only could detect soy sauce

They also had some very interesting local beers on tap. R had the Ip'eh which was light with a hint of caramel. K had Black Death Porter which had a distinct chocolate flavour.

Service was great and prompt. Food was good quality and delicious tasting. I forgot to mention, they also had live music while we were there (Friday night), which is always appreciated. I think this restaurant is perfect for a date (sitting at the table) or grab a bite/beer for a game (at the bar). To top it off, all of this is right at home for the folks in Surrey. All in all, a good restaurant worth checking out. 


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