Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yan's Garden - King crab season is finally here!!


Yan's Garden Restaurant 潮樓海鮮酒家

9948 Lougheed Hwy , Burnaby

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Food: 3.5
Service: 2.5
Price: Fair +

King Crab season is in, and it's won't last long. So I suggest you gather a few friends and quickly make a reservation before it's too late. Prices are typically $25+/lb, but when it's in season, they can range from $13.99-$23/lb.

After searching online (Mon), I found Yan's Garden offered King crab at $14.80/lb, when I actually called to book, they said it was 15.80/lb (Thu). By the time I got there (Sat), it had gone up to $16.99/lb. When I asked about the sudden increase, they simply replied price is different everyday (who knew king crab is like the stock market). Somehow, all of this change in pricing just sounds super sketchy, because when I called other restaurant they were consistent with their advertised price.
- our 12lb crab yielded 3 large plates of heavenly goodness, it was more than enough for 8 people.
- we only had it one way: steamed with garlic and green onion (best way if you want to taste the freshness)
- so juicy, succulent and sweet despite all the garlic and green onion

- expensive, but so worth it.
Complimentary Soup 
- We ordered a set menu with 4 dishes ($62.5) which included soup and rice
- light, not oily, but lacked the meaty richness

General Tao Chicken
- heavy on sauce, at least it was good sweet/spicy chili sauce
- salty, but perfect with rice
Cod Tofu Hotpot
- slightly oily, but tasted great
- huge portion with tender fish
Deep fried squid
- I usually hate this, but theirs was not chewy/rubbery at all, so soft and tender
- love the chili garlic spieces
Buddha Fest
- crunchy vegetables, but lacked in flavor
- ordered it simply to get our veggie fix :P
Stir fry noodle with crab juice ($15, for having the crab the 2nd way)
- as the waitress was clearing the crab dish away, she asked if we wanted the juice made into stir fry noodle
- bland, couldn't tell there was crab juice at all
- I personally dislike alkaline type egg noodle

The total damage was a whopping $43/person including tax and tips. So this was certainly not a cheap meal, but definitely worth it , there is just nothing quite like fresh crab meat. Service was mediocre at best. Food was generally good, but a bit pricey. However they do have generous portions. If you don't want to battle Richmond traffic and fight over parking, then definitely give Yan's Garden a try, other wise, you can certainly dine for less at Imperial Court ($13.99/lb, but do call and confirm).


QJai March 14, 2013 at 1:13 AM

I heard King Crab is short in supply this season. I checked around and prices are also very volatile. Awesome read, thanks! - Jonny (West Coast Culinary Delights)

Jenny March 21, 2013 at 8:24 AM

No problem, just glad someone found it interesting :)

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