Thursday, March 21, 2013

Suhang - yet another Shanghai restaurant in Richmond


Suhang Restaurant 蘇杭人家

#100-8291 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Price: Fair +

There are certainly no shortages of Shanghai style restaurants in Richmond, just click herehere, here and here. However I just couldn't resist when someone recommended Suhang Restaurant, because I am on a quest to find the best tasting xiao long bao (soupy steam bun) there is. :)

The restaurant is not eye catching from the outsides, inside was actually quite nice. It had the modern clean look, with rocky plastered wall and bright lighting. However just like most Chinese restaurant in Richmond, space is really cramped (it was hard for people to get into the seats against the windows).
Braised layer pork - $16.5
- way too oily, each piece felt greasy when chewing it
- the lean portion was not very tender
Braised Duck with Chinese Onion - $16
- tender duck in heavy sauce
- oily, but nice savoury/sweet taste
Crispy rice with mixed meat/seafood - $14.80
- love the rice crispy was, but you have to eat it when it's still crispy
- balanced thick broth with lots of seafood flavour
Rock cod with sweet and sour sauce - $18.80
- overly fried with heavy coating
- generic sweet and sour sauce
Xiao Long Bao - $4.95
- juicy bun with thicker skin than I am use to
- meaty filling that taste great, but slightly oily soup
Complimentary Dessert
- not too sweet coconut pudding that lacked creamy texture

This was actually my 2nd visit to Suhang restaurant. I found the service to be consistently mediocre, food is a hit and miss, although generally speaking most are not bad. Personally I wouldn't make a trip just for this restaurant, but would come back if I am in the area or other restaurants are filled up. If you do come here with a big group, make sure to reserve, as it is a smaller restaurant in comparison with others. 


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