Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jinya Ramen - they should expand ;)


Jinya Ramen

270 Robson Street, Vancouver

Ramen Jinya 陣家 on Urbanspoon

Food:  4
Service: 4
Price: Fair

Ramen joints are dime a dozen in downtown Vancouver, and most of them are all pretty decent if not good. I can't say the same for other cities. How I wish one of them would consider Surrey, so I don't have to travel so far. :P
Anyway, back to the main topic: Jinya ramen.
Actually I have visited Jinya for at least 5 times now, but somehow never got around to blog about it. The restaurant is located right across form Vancouver public library (central branch) near Yaletown. Since I haven't been there for the pass few month, so I had no idea they had came out with some new varieties.
- pan fried crispy skin with lots of filling

- tender, boneless, dark meat chicken bite that was juicy and tender
Red - $10.75
- come with 10 level of spiciness
- typically Japanese food is mild, as least that's what I thought when I order the Spicy (LVL5) ramen
- it was hot, the kinda that doesn't dissipate but keep adding up as you eat
- despite the spiciness, you can still detect the thick and rich tonkatsu soup base
- noodles were thicker and chewier than R's black garlic ramen
Black - $10.75
- delicious tonkatsu base infused with black garlic oil.
- black garlic is not as pungent, and thus flavour is much smoother with a hint of balsamic vinegar taste.
- they used thin noodles here, I would have preferred regular noodles.

Jinya certainly delivers when it comes to ramen. Their prices are at par with most other ones around the area. The ones thing I do like this over other places (such as Santouka), is their noodle did not have the alkaline taste.  Overall, I would definitely recommend Jinya, and I hope they will branch out into other cities (hint: Surrey ;D)


Mana March 10, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Noodles without that strange taste? I'm so up for trying! Thanks so much for writing this blog, I live in Vancouver myself and am always in search for yummy things! I actually never liked ramen too much and am still very picky about it ><

Jenny March 25, 2013 at 2:10 PM

me too, I am rather picky about the alkaline taste, which is also typically found in many yellow Cantonese style noodles.

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