Friday, February 8, 2013

The Heart of Sichuan


If you ever find yourself in Sichuan, China, you simply have to go visit Jiu Zhai Gou valley and Huang Long park. Their beauty is hard to describe in words, you really have to be there to truly appreciate it.
on the way (in the mountains)
So without further ado, here is my brief photo essay of heaven on earth:
Jiu Zhai Gou 

Huang Long
 The most famous travertine pool (it's massive, this picture does not do its justice)
To get to either place, you will either need to take a plane from Chengdu (1hr) or drive (8hr). Jiu Zhai Guo is suited for everyone, but Huang Long on the other hand is located at high altitude of over 3000m above sea level. Once you reach the park, you will need to take the gondola up. Since air up there is much thinner, high altitude sickness is quite common, with symptom like headache, shortness of breath, and muscle pain, nausea  and dizziness. Therefore if you experience any of these symptom  I would suggest not hiking down to the bottom, but take the gondola. However, there are still lots to see on the hike down, so try not to miss it if you can.

Bottom line: both place simply can't be missed!! If you need any extra information, just email me.


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