Monday, February 25, 2013

Gadget Review - George Foreman Grill


R: Okay, here is what we do to get what we want
*Whispers in secret
J: OMG, you are genius, let's do it. *evil grin ;)

You see, for this Christmas party with friends, instead of the normal secret Santa, we opt for a White Elephant gift exchange (read the rules here).  Basically it's a game where you are allowed to steal other people's gift, but each gift can only be stolen for 3 times, before it's off the 'market'. Of course with 2 people in the game, it's much easier to strategize, so I am happy to report we did manage to score this George Foreman grill.

The value of gift was set at $30, so I am assuming this very basic model costed less than that. This model came with the basic grill and a drip tray.
There were no On/Off button, it was just plug and go. There is a light indicator at the top that will tell you when the grill is good to go. The plates are not movable, but it does come with non-stick coating for easy clean up. The patented sloped design really helped to drain any excess juice and fat into the portable drip tray.
After only 3-4 minutes, we were left with super tender and juicy teriyaki chicken with slightly charred skin. It was so fast and simple. I think the longest process was probably de-boning the chicken thigh and of course the additional marinating time of 2 hours.
The grill certainly can handle the meat, so how about making some panini sandwiches. The biggest problem I had with this is the limitation how thick the sandwich can be. The hinge on this grill was pretty short, so it most likely can only accommodate sandwiches up to maybe 5cm in height if you want even heating. That is also the reason why I ended up using pita bread to make this teriyaki chicken mushroom melt.
This grill can also handle burger with ease. As usual the hard part was making the patty, grilling only took less than 8 minutes.
And now I present you with some seriously delicious home made burger that surpassed most burgers I have tried at restaurant. :)

What we liked:
- fast cooking/grilling with no oil required
- non-stick for easy clean up
- does not take up too much room (we have the smallest version)

What we didn't like:
- limitation on the height of food allowed on the grill (to ensure even heating)
- unable to control temperature

Overall, R and I really like our mini George Foreman grill, it's the perfect size for us. However if you are cooking for more than 2 people, I would suggest getting the next size up.


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