Monday, February 4, 2013

Bubble Waffle Cafe - good bubble waffle


Bubble Waffle Cafe (Pacific Plaza)

1030 - 8888 Odlin Cr, Richmond

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Food: 3.5
Service: 2
Price: Fair 

I think I have just discovered the big secret for not waiting in line at a Richmond restaurant. After careful observation, it seems the golden time at most restaurant is 6pm. Never arrive after 7pm, unless you have tons of time to waste. Anyway R and I were in Richmond, and craving for some noodle soup. Given our location, we decided to head to Bubble Waffle Cafe in Pacific Plaza. It was only about half full when we arrived around 6:30, by 7:00 it was jam packed with a big line up.
Each noodle soup meal includes a hot drink, cold drinks are $1 extra.
Base: Tomato Pumpkin Fish Soup
Noodle: Rice Noodle
Topping: fatty beef slice and fresh fish
- this soup was good, it was rich, but not oily. This one is rather light on salt.

Base: Hot and sour soup
Noodle: Rice Noodle
Topping: bean curd and fresh fish
- this soup was better than we thought,  it's not just spicy and sour, but had a rich chicken stock base.
- this one was more salty

Bubble Egg waffle
- crispy and crunchy outside, with soft mochi like centre.
- the key here is to eat it while it's hot, or else it looses that balance between the soft centre and crunchy outer shell
You can choose some side dishes with your noodle, we got this
- juicy chicken wings with a strong curry flavour on skin. However the centre was bland

Service here was bare minimum, but this is typical for this type of restaurant. The food was reasonably priced ($24 for above) and pretty good, but the place is tiny and fills up really fast. Since there are quite a few similar establishments in the area,  I would definitely compare the wait time before deciding on one. On the other hand, if I am craving bubble waffle, I would probably swing by. 


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