Monday, January 28, 2013

CocoaNymph - for the love of chocolate



4 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver

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I have a love and hate relationship with all group deal website. I mean I do love all the good deal that allow me to try different things I wouldn't normally do (such as bungee jumping), but at the same time I am spending way more money than I care to admit. ;P
Anyway, I purchased a chocolate making class for 2 at CocoaNymph. This unique chocolate cafe does not only serves a wide range of drinking and eating chocolates, they also offer classes in their good size kitchen.
The class was 2.5hrs. For the first hour, we were educated on the history and manufacturing process of chocolate.
We then proceeded to the kitchen for some sampling of chocolates made with beans from only one region: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, and Tanzania. 
I think tasting chocolate and detecting the different flavours is highly subjective. It all depends on your taste bud and what you had for lunch that day. I thought the chocolate form Cuba was on the sweeter side, and the Mexican chocolate had a earthy tone to it.
The last hour of the course was focused on hand on activities. We were each given one piece of pre-made ganache. For every 3 to 4 people, there is a melter filled with dark chocolate. They also demonstrated how to use the various tool they provided, I specially liked the texture grid and edible tattoo films.
This is where it got messy, the ganache needs to be soften by hand and then shaped into anything you want. The problem was that you can't over work it or else, it will get all over your hand and become quite sticky. Once it's all shaped, then you can proceed to dip them in the dark chocolate.
After an hour of hard work, this is what I am ended up with: a nice box of chocolate dipped ganache with different type of toppings. I know they are not the prettiest, but I can proudly say it's hand made by moi :).

I paid $69 for 2 people on this class which was still a little more pricey that I would have liked. Regular price is $70/person. Although I did enjoy it all, and actually learned a lot of facts from it, I would have preferred a more hands on experience. As I mentioned, they are a cafe, so they do offer some very interesting combinations of drinking chocolate. If only R and I didn't have AYCE dinner plans, we definitely would have bought a couple to try.


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