Monday, December 24, 2012

Boiling Point - must endure freezing point first


Boiling Point

#130-4800 #3 Road, Richmond

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Food: 3
Service: 3
Price: Fair

It's winter time, so R and I are always looking for something hot to eat. So when A suggested Boiling Point,  we were more than happy to try it. The name itself was already convenince enough, so off we went.

For restaurant called Boiling Point, their inside temperature was more like freezing point. The minute I walked in and sat down, I thought they had the A/C on. Once the food arrived and more customers (we were the first ones there) came in, the place became warmer, but also a bit steamy due to all the hotpot.
Complimentary sauce
- my favorite was the garlic with soy (left), savoy yet sweet, very well balanced.
- R's favorite was the spicy sauce
Original Stinky Pot ($9.99)
- stinky smell to the dense stinky tofu, it's definitely an acquired taste
- contains pork, sticky tofu, fish ball, cabbage
- medium spicy, not that spicy compare with spicy pot
Taiwanese spicy pot ($13.99)
- bigger than R's pot

- cannot choose level of spiciness, so you must be able to eat spicy
- it was spicy and that flavor also linger quite awhile
- contains pork, squid, clams, fish balls/cake, cabbage, instant noodle, pork blood, intestine

Lunch deals also came with either iced green or red tea. Overall the value was there, as the food was tasty and interesting. Also this type of food is simply perfect for our rather cold winter. Now, if this was summer, I think I may have to skip this place. 


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