Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kalok Restaurant - dim sum on sale all the time :)


Kalok Seafood Restaurant 加樂海鮮酒家

1008 - 8300 Capstan Way, Richmond

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Food: 3.5
Serivce: 3
Price: Fair

Once again it's dim sum time with the family, and to no surprise we are back in Richmond to find the best one. This time we had to head to the airport right after, so we wanted to choose one that was close to the Airport, so Kalok fits the bill perfectly.

Kalok is located in Union Square. It's actually pretty big restaurant with very typical Chinese seafood restaurant décor.
- Rice roll with chinese donut $4.95
- good portion
- would prefer crispier donut
- Chicken on rice clay pot $3.95??
- hot and delicious
- tender chicken and flavorful sauce
- Beef Tendon $4.95
- soft and juicy, each piece fully absorbed the sauce
- Spare ribs with pumpkin $4.75
- could use a little more meat, flavour was not bad
- Turnip cake $4.75
- average, more flour and turnip taste
- Eggplant with Shrimp paste $5.45
- eggplant had no flavour, and was not very soft
- shrimp paste was okay

Service was not bad, better than some other dim sum places. Their food was at par with most places as well. However there was one thing that that is rather interesting about them: their discount policy. If you finish dining before 11:00, you will receive 25% off. If you dine between 11:00-3:00, you will receive 20% off. Since dim sum is typically only served until 3:00pm, that means you will never have to pay the advertised price. One other bonus about this restaurant is that tea is free of charge.


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