Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HK - wish we had more time


R and I were in HK for only one day, and the only thing we absolutely agreed on doing was to eat, even more than shopping. I know my time was limited, so I tried to narrow down to a couple must try places.

I really wanted to try this 1 star Michelin restaurant called Tim Ho Wan, which is apparently cheap and delicious. Unfortunately due to it's popularity, I think there is going to be a huge wait time. Therefore I went for the next one in line: another Michelin star restaurant: T'ang Court in Langham hotel.
This restaurant felt luxurious and is gorgeous. Since we arrived super early without reservation, they were able to squeeze us in before the crowd is expected. The menu was very simple but unique at the same time. We ended up ordering one Friday/Saturday special and a few other dim sum dishes to share.

The special (268HKD) includes:
- Dim sum combination: typical but well made with fresh ingredients
- Fruit juice of your choice - mine was guava, it was fresh and tasty
- Desserts: although tiny, but delicate and delicious
- Bird nest soup was light tasting, but packed full of ingredients
- Abalone mushroom: very light tasting again, not really impressive
- BBQ pork was tender and juicy, jelly fish was fresh and springy
- Stew noodle with fish maw was flavourful and al dente.
Steam lobster bell pepper, spinach dumpling (68HKD)
- fresh lobster, very springy texture
Shrimp, pork sea cucumber, fish roe dumpling (60HKD)
- interesting combination, chewy sea cucumber, with flavourful meat and fresh shrimp

Baked pastry filled with glutinous rice and goose liver terrine pate. (50HKD)
- very flaky and slight sweet warm pastry
- I couldn't really tell the the rice and pate apart, it was just all mixed into one

Service was the best I've had. The waiter was super attentive, I don't think I've filled my tea even once. Every time they walked by even while doing other things, they would look over to make sure our tea was filled and that our plates are clean. I was sure more than happy to pay the mandatory 10% service charge.

Fuk Kee Congee
104-106 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok
After a super fulfilling meal, R and I decided to keep it light for an early dinner, thus we decide to head to this congee place that I researched about. Fuk Kee Congee (富記粥品). The is very typical street side restaurant, it's practically on every street.
The menu was actually quite extensive with noodles, rice, and of course congee.
We choose the pork with century egg congee (only 28HKD). This huge portion meant for one was more than enough for the 2 of us. I have to say this was the best congee I've had. It was creamy and rich, filled with meaty flavours  The pork was very tender, with the perfect balance of century egg. In conclusion  if you like congee, definitely go try it.
People say HK is great for shopping, but I find deals here in North America is much better. I think HK shopping is only good for people from other Asian countries where the import duty is especially high. However it is a great place for food, there are so much variety at all sort of price point and all within a relatively small area. R and I would definitely like to come back someday and stay for at least 4 or 5 days to properly enjoy all this place has to offer.


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