Friday, November 2, 2012

Chengdu - Do's and Don't's


I have returned from another trip to Asia, and Chengdu, Sichuan was my very first stop. This city is very laid back comparing to places like Shanghai or Beijing. It is known for being a place for pleasure and leisure. Now with the opening of the 2nd subway line, the city is very much accessible by public transit. Here are just some quick Do's and Don't's that I summarized:


- Eat hot pot, it's a must try. Make you you get the duo pot with the non spicy side, or at least a bottle of peanut milk to calm your palate.
- Visit the panda sanctuary, and make you don't you miss baby pandas
and the red pandas, although it look more like a raccoon.
- Try local dim sum: recommend spicy wonton, dumpling, and guo-kui (chinese bun with stuffing)
- Shop, it's a relative cheap city. Also cloth at chain stores (such as Uniqilo) was cheapest in Chengdu, than other cities.
- Get a tour guide when visiting historical places, they are very informative and are available in all different languages.
- Carry bug spray or at least anti-itch ointment, you will get bitten.

- go anywhere popular on weekend, it's a nightmare
- forget to bring tissue paper with you, almost none of the toilets carry this.
- ask for spicy, if you are not 100% sure you can take it, even their mild is still spicy.
- Expect sunny weather and blue sky, it's mostly cloudy/hazy and gloomy.
- Be frighten when people yell, they are actually just talking XD
- Expect your cloth to dry in one day, in fact you cloth may never be 100% dry, because it's pretty moist over there.

Overrall, Chengdu is a great city to visit, as it's contains a wealth of historical sites and delicious food. The people here are casual and friendly most of the times. As for me personally, the food alone is good reason to visit. If anyone is looking for any information on this city, feel free to shoot me an email. :)


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