Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Baker & The Chef - urban local cafe


The Baker & The Chef

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I recently went to a media event for the grand reopening of what use to be called The General Store and Bakery on Cambie. The whole place has been revamped into a modern and cozy sandwich cafe.

This cafe is located in a good foot traffic area, so it's perfect for locals or people who want to grab and go.
- Fresh bread baked daily
- All food made on premises, so it's fresh
- champagne and lemonade
- I preferred the lemonade, a perfect balance between sour and sweet.

- Tried 3 style of their panini sandwiches: Whislter, Cypress, and Capilano
- Love the foccacia, very soft, airy and aromatic. Once pressed, it was nice and crunchy
- The meat was tender and moist. We loved all the sandwiches.
- Love the beef onion soup, very rich and beefy with a touch of sweet onion taste. It seems it has been cooked for hours.
- Clam chowder was thick and creamy, perfect for a cold day

 - Quinoa with parsley and fresh vegetable salad: very light dressing, but too much parsley in my own opinion.
- Bean salad which R liked, I am not a fan of beans
- Chocolate cake: cake itself wasn't too sweet, but the frosting as expected was really sweet.

The Baker and The Chef is a local style urban cafe with a good variety of sandwiches. If you are in the area, definitely head down there and check out this new hip and urban cafe.


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