Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sushi & Roll - great food without the wait


Sushi & Roll

103-10241 King George Blvd, Surrey

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Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Cheap 

I am loving my recent discovery of a sushi restaurant. So what's so special about this place, well it's very similar to Sushi Garden, BUT the big difference is the service and wait time. To top it off, this place is in Surrey, which is super convenient for me (maybe not for everyone). Now, I don't have to drive all the way out to Burnaby, and just to wait some more for cheap sushi.
Sushi & Roll had just opened about a month ago, so everything looks clean and new. The first thing I noticed was the size, I guess when a city is not packed like sardines, it even reflected in its restaurants. This is one big restaurant where I don't have to dine touching elbows with the next table. Since last week was super hot, I am really glad they had pretty strong A/C, which was a perfect escape from my stuffy apartment.
Prawn and Sweet Potato Tempura -$ 7.95
- Tender prawns and fresh vegetables
- I think they threw in the asparagus as a bonus, as it was listed as 8 piece set.
- Not oily
- Batter was too thick
Salmon Sashimi - $8.95
- Nice and thick cut, a great portion for the price
- It was actually quite fresh and delicious
Seafood Salad - $6
- Fresh seafood and crisp lettuce
- Love the citrus sauce with wasabi mayo.
- Great portion
- Could use a bit more citrus sauce, and maybe less mayo
Chop Scallop Roll - $3.95
- Nice compact and moist rice, not falling apart
- Fresh scallop
Dragon Roll - $5.50
- Once again, a solid sushi roll
- Thick and fresh avocados, and nice bbq eel.
Volcano Roll - $8.95
- New roll that is not yet on the menu, which they just told us about
- Deep fried california roll with spicy salmon sashimi in the middle (as lava?)
- There was a rather large portion of spicy salmon sashimi.
- The rice or the roll was quite dry, not sure if it is because it's deep fried

The food was cheap and pretty good, but the best part was not waiting for a table. You can come here with a group of 20, and there probably still no wait time (as of now that is). To top it off, the service here was great, as their wait staff came to check on us often and was very friendly.They even refilled our water without asking, something that is rare in those ever so popular sushi restaurants. Overall, both R and I give this restaurant the 2 thumbs up, and we will definitely be back. 


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