Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adesso - wonderful location and great food


Adesso Bistro

1906 Haro St, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Service: 4
Price: Fair

Being a food blogger, people often come to you for suggestion. As I have said many time, I haven't tried as many restaurants as people think, and I suggest purely base on my experience and taste palate,. Anyways, when a friend came for advice on a restaurant he was interestd in, this was my answer: "Adesso?? Where is that, is it good?". After a quick search on Urbanspoon, and discovering that it had 92% 'like it' vote, I was more than keen to try it.

We arrived at 5:30 to a pretty empty restaurant, but by about 6:30, the place was packed. Since summer is gorgeous, but short in Vancouver, R and I opt for the patio. I loved how this restaurant was located in the residential part of down town, so I can enjoy some peace and quiet on this gorgeous patio. I also loved the trees that act as wall to truly take you away from the outside world, so you can enjoy your meal. I also over heard 2 serving staff talking about how the herbs in the planter is not mint, as they are not a Cuban restaurant serving mojitos (lol). It's nice to know they grow their own herbs.
Bruschetta toasted focaccia, roasted pepers, marinated olives and tomato - $8
- olive/tomato combo: nice crispy and garlic oil infused focaccia with fresh tomato and olive. Highly recommend this one!
- roasted peper: very sweet and soft pepper on crispy focaccia. This one did not have the garlic butter, and seems like that is exactly what is missing to make this one pop too.
Linguine alle vongole, clams, garlic, white wine and herbs - $18
- al dente noodle (one of the best)
- white wine garlic sauce was laced with seafood essence, absolutely delicious!
- although there is barely any sauce present, yet each bite was very flavourful
- clams were fresh and not over cooked.
Spaghettini di mare, prawn, mussels, clams, squid, tomato sauce and chili - $20
- al dente noodle
- perfectly cooked seafood, have a almost raw quality to it
- tomato base was perfectly balance with herb/spices, not salt.
- Wish the prawns were a little more fresh
Limone, lemon and pistachio semifreddo, raspberry pate, fresh berries - $8
- originally R's dessert, but since I loved it, I just stole it from him :P
- nice balance between tart and sweet in the ice cream lemon cream, very good:)
- I am not a fan of pistachio, but they do added a interesting texture to the cream smooth filling
- raspberry pate was rather sweet, but balanced out by the sour raspberries
Tiramisu, coffee and marsala soaked sponge cake, mascarpone mousse -$8
- R liked it, I thought it wasn't sweet enough
- quality ingredients you can taste
- however both of us thought the lady finger was too dry and not enough flavour.

Service was great, our waiter was attentive and humorous. The food here was solid, and I simply adore the location. Without a doubt, this places gets my two thumbs up recommendation. On top of that, there are lots of street parking, since it's a residential area. Just one piece of advice for people who like patios: don't forget your bug spray. :P


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