Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chez Meme - now open for dinner


Chez Meme

4016 Hastings Street, Burnaby

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Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Fair

I know I've blogged about Chez Meme, so why I am blogging about it again? Well, if you ever been here, you would know that they only open during day time, but since 5 weeks ago, they now officially serve dinner from 5:30-9:00 (Tue - Sat). With that being said, they no longer open for lunch on Saturday, so if you do want to try their really good sandwiches, you will just have to find a way to try on weekdays.
Here is their new dinner menu, which I thought was pretty simple.

I got the Duck confit Sheppard pie, which came with a side of salad. The choice for dressing was either balsamic vinaigrette or Dijon mustard. The tender braised duck and flavourful vegetables covered the bottom, with rich layer of mash potatoes with cheese on top. The taste was exactly what I was looking for, it has that home cook meal feel and taste.

R had the Lamb Sheppard pie, which I was not a fan of, because the lamb turn out to be super gamey. The lamb was cooked with garlic, so there was a lack of harmony between all the flavours. However, M didn't think it was gamey, I guess it's really comes down to your personal taste palette.
M had the Duck de la Orange for $19. The rich sauce with layers of flavour did not overwhelm the duck. However I found the duck to be a little on the chewy side, but by no means tough. It was still rather tender with a nice caramelized skin.
A had the open face sandwich ($9). They were definitely not stingy with the toppings, as it was cheesy with rich smoked meaty flavour coming from the ham.  Now the rustic cheese bread of was the most interesting part for me, because the toasted edges along with the smoked ham tasted like deep fried pig skin (crispy pata if you know what I am talking about), as it had that crispy rich meaty flavors.

This small French cafe (maybe can fit 20-25) certainly got some down to earth dishes that are well executed. The couple who runs this place is also very hospital and friendly. If you do intend to come here for dinner on weekend, reservation is highly recommended. 


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