Thursday, June 28, 2012

Destination Wedding - the breakdown


I know I been MIA for awhile now, but I have a legitimate reason for doing so. I've been planning a destination wedding since last August. I am happy to report, the wedding is over, and now we can return to regular programming (that is if I am not too lazy :p).
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Richmond Night Market - great food selection


Richmond Night Market

8351 River Rd, Richmond

Richmond Night Market on Urbanspoon

I love night markets, so naturally I couldn't wait to check out the new one that just popped up next to Brighouse skytrain station. I think they made a very smart choice in terms of convenience, because despite the free parking, it was horrendous trying to get into the parking area with major traffic jam. We actually arrived early only to be told to park underneath the skytrain station, at the moment I was not happy due to the distance. It was not until we were about to leave, when I realized it was really a blessing in disguise, because we were not stuck in traffic just for trying to get out of there. 
After a short walk from our parking lot, this was what I saw: a seriously long line up. If the weather was nice, I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was really cold to stand there for more than half an hour just to get in. Now it makes me wonder, just how early do you have to come to be the first person in line.
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