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Cakeaters - who knew cake decorating could be so fun!


Baking has always been one of my hobbies, but life has been so busy recently, that I don't have the time to bake. Okay, truth be told, I am mostly feeling lazy when I am not busy. :P Anyways, when I saw a deal popped on Wagjag for a whole day cake decorating class, I was more than happy to get my butt of the couch and actually learn something, that's when I called up my baker friend A and off we went. 
When we were looking for the address for Cakeaters, it almost seemed like it was just a residential area, so we initially thought the class was hosted in someone's home, and the expectation went down a few notches. However, this was so far from the truth in so many ways.
First, Cakeaters is actually a store located in a very small strip mall (3 stores in total) of a residential area. The store itself was not big, but it did accommodate about 15 of us comfortably. 
One look at their display, you will see that this small cake shop make absolutely stunning cakes. These are a few that I absolutely loved (taken from their facebook page)
I love how Wendy and her team just give us a general idea/direction (3 cakes above), and does not hinder our creativity. In fact, there were there along the ways to facilitate and guide us in making our ideas come to life. The first thing we did was to make the gum paste/fondant decorations for the cake, because these require time to dry. We were taught how to make bows, and flowers by Wendy's assistant Addie. 
For flower and such, we had moulds for cutting. For the bow, it is purely based on skills. Therefore the bow was much more harder to make.
The class was definitely hand on, and both A and I totally enjoyed it despite having to stand for almost 6 hours. We had so much fun, the time just flew by in an instant. The only evidence that time had actually went by was when my stomach started to growl.
Our course actually included lunch, which was just salad, cheese, bread, cold cuts, chip/snacks and juice. Although the selection was limited, it was a good lunch.
The first thing we learned after lunch was how to layer icing on our cakes and then how to cover it with fondant. With 20+ years of experience behind her, Wendy made it look so simple. She was done in about 15 minute, of what took me about an hour to finish. The butter cream she provided us was the real deal, it was not just flavour and colour, there were real bit of fruit for my strawberry cream and it was delicious too. 
After we were done covering our cake with fondant, Wendy went one to teach us pipping techniques, even though it was not required for our cake. All I can say is that it's super hard. You really need some major hand muscle to work the icing through the bag. Let's just say after 2 minutes, my hand started to cramp. 
After 6 tiring hours, this is the end result. As you can see, everyone's cake looks different, even though we we were given the same general ideas. The one thing I enjoyed the most about Wendy's class was that she never said no or don't. She just runs with your idea. For example, I wanted to put a bow on the side of my cake, she told me we will think of a way to prop it up when it comes to that step. When you get stuck, she will offer you ideas, such as putting the ribbon around A's cake. 
I absolutely loved how my Tiffany inspired cake turned out. With that being said, both A and I immensely enjoyed our class. We love that Wendy is self taught, so she had lots of tips to share with us, and not just in term of decorating, but also on baking the cake and such.

I talked to Wendy, because summer is a busy season, thus they are not offering much classes at the moment, but if you are looking to buy a cake for your event, then definitely check them out. You can head over there and mention my blog for a deal on cupcake: 6 for the price of 3. :)
After Wendy's class, A and I really got into the whole idea of fondant cakes, so here is our latest creation for our friend's b-day. Just to put some context into the idea: our friend like to play the game Tower Madness, and her boyfriend's nickname is piggy, so here is Alien Piggy trying to kidnap Princess A. Also, these freaken sheep were so hard to make. I told A, next time we make goats. LOL
Just to clarify, if you think those are hands at the front, then you are wrong. If you thought they were boobs, BINGO! :)

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Shonagh @ An Offal Experiment May 4, 2012 at 5:36 PM

I was looking at that course and decided not to register for it. I will though the next time around. Great looking cakes for your first time decorating.

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