Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand Dynasty - fabulous décor, good dim sum


Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant 金殿皇朝

4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Price: Fair +

I been craving for dim sum for quite awhile now, so I decided to treat my parents (who also love dim sum) to Saturday brunch. Since I was playing badminton at 12pm in Burnaby, Grand Dynasty was the perfect choice for us.

Grand Dynasty is located right next to Grand Villa casino by Willingdon exit off Highway 1. Parking next to the restaurant is limited, but you can always park in the Casino parking lot. I have been meaning to check out this place ever since I found out it won the Best Dining Environment award. Count me impressed, the décor was indeed up scale and classy (sorry forgot to take some pictures). I especially loved their waiting area  with nice lounge style furniture and glass wine wall.
First dish we ordered was the steam scallop dumpling which is considered a large ($5.50). You know I wish  all dim sum restaurant would standardize their portion, so that we know exactly how many to order. In this case, R and I share one dumpling. The scallop was fresh and sweet. The prawn on the inside had that snap to it, so that was fresh as well. The skin was not thick.
The Sui Mai (M=$4.95) was a mixture of both shrimp and pork. The shrimp pieces was not finely minced, so you can definitely see it. The sizes were smaller than I'm use to, and the flavour was nothing to shout about.
My dad is a big fan of tendon, so I had to get this one for him. I have to say this was totally worth $4.95(M), the tendon was soft and smooth, and just melts in your mouth. If you love tendon, you will not regret ordering this.
My mom ordered the BBQ duck wrap ($4.95). Once again, we had to share this between the four of us. They really should list the quantities on the menu.The abalone mushroom and cabbage was rather bland, and the ham was just ham. The BBQ duck on the other hand was really good. I loved the smoked flavor and tender meat.
Of course we had to get my favourite dim sum dish: spareribs($4.95). There were pretty good, specially the super soft and flavour taro lining the bottom. My dad thought they weren't meaty enough, too much bone and cartilage.
R ordered the last one: steam pork and chicken in lotus leaf ($5.50). When this came, I was literally cooing over how cute it looked with the tiny clay pot inside. This dish was surprising good. The chicken meat was really yellow, as well as the juice. This is a good sign  that they used free range chicken (according to Chinese people). The pork liver was moist and not over cooked. They even used some Goji berry when cooking this. The only complain is that the dish was too oily.
My mom was craving congee, so we ordered our typical fish and egg white congee ($6.95). The portion was pretty good, it could fill about 6 -7 bowls. The texture was smooth and glutinous. The problem was that it lacked flavour. There is barely any salt in it, and they didn't give us any either, only pepper. Next time, I definitely going to ask for some salt.

On my 2nd visit, I tried a taro pastry ball dessert, it was so good I just had to share. In fact, it has now become my all time favourite dim sum dessert. If you like taro, definitely order this.

Service here was not bad, they were efficient and friendly. If you come after 11:30, be prepare to wait. However I think the wait time is still a lot better than Richmond restaurants on weekend. If you can pay before 11pm, they do have a 15% off incentive. As you can see we definitely like this place, as I've already been here twice. Their food is good and the décor is great, plus their location is just much more convenient for us.


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