Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Osamu - pricey but worth it


Osamu Sushi

2764 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam

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Food: 4
Service: 4
Price: Expensive

The one thing about being a food blogger is that people expect you to know where to eat, and what is good, so my friend often come to me for suggestion. The truth is I haven't tried that many restaurants, and when I do suggest a place, it's only because it suit my taste palate, so all I am saying is to take my suggestion with a grain of salt. Anyway, when my friends came to me for a suggestion for our Friday night dinner, I immediately picked Osamu, because I been wanting to try, and no one objected.
"Never judge a book by its cover" rings true for Osamu, because from the outside it looked like any other typical sushi restaurant.
Actually, it looked a little run down, since their sign wasn't all that attractive and it was literally next to a auto shop. However it was a completely different story once you step in. There was soothing jazz music playing in the back ground. The place was spacious, and our booth was intimate and comfortable.  (sorry about the picture quality, picture taken with iphone).
First up was a shared appetizer for everyone: Ahi Poki ($11.95) made with tuna marinated in citrus dressing and tossed with apple and seaweed. For an appetizer, this was a generous portion.  The tuna slices were thick and fresh. The sweet and aromatic apple worked well to contrast the slightly tart citrus/ponzu sauce. They also lined the plate with a touch of wasabi mayo and mango puree, but nobody actually mixed it in.
Another shared appetizer we ordered was the assorted tempura for $12.75. For this price, we only got 2 pieces of prawns, one slice of zucchini, carrot and sweet potato each. It was a good thing that the price matched the quality, because there were crispy/crunchy without being oily.
R and M both ordered the Chirashi Don (aka raw seafood on rice) for $16.95. Both of them thought there were a good variety of toppings and they were fresh. However both weren't impressed with the potion size. The consensus was that it won't leave you hungry, but it doesn't fill you up either.
Since I wanted a good variety to sample, A and I decided to share. The first dish we ordered was from their special menu called Triple Threat ($13.95), made up of 2 pieces from 3 different rolls. The 3 rolls were Shogun (prawn tempura ,Dungeness crab and tuna topped with spicy sauce, wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce), Aburi Maki (Lobster, fresh mango, creem cheese and Sockeye topped with miso glaze, mango puree and spicy sauce)and Volcano roll (Sockeye with Dungeness crab topped off with spicy tuna and tempura batter). The price maybe high for this dish, but it was really tasty. The lobster and crab meat were fresh. Each roll was unique and delicious. The seemingly weird combination of sauces all worked harmoniously. Despite the price, I think this is totally worth ordering. 
Next, we ordered tuna and salmon sashimi for $13.95. As expected, the quality was great. There were very fresh and very thick cut. The tuna wasn't mushi like some places. The salmon was very orange, borderline red. However this should not be used as an indication for quality, read here
Last but not least, I had to order my favourite chopped scallop roll, oops I mean Scallop Chop roll ($5.95) as Osamu would call it. The scallop was springy instead of mushi, meaning it's fresh. The rice was a little disappointing, it wasn't properly compacted, so it was falling apart when I dipped in soy sauce. 

Service here was great, they greet you with a smile and often came by to fill our tea. They even brought us hot wet napkin to clean our hand before the meal. Food was solid as well, so if anything I have to complain about would be the price, but as everyone knows 'you get what you pay for', and Osamu certainly delivered. 


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