Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yew - impressive decor, average food


Yew Restaurant and Bar

791 West Georgia St., Vancouver

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Food: 2.5
Service: 2.5
Price: Fair

Nowadays, brunch has become the favourite meal for family gathering. Why is that so, the reason is simple, everyone has plans for the weekend and they typically are in the afternoon till well into the nights. Therefore, it's only natural for families to gather during daytime on the weekends, thus nothing works better than brunch. In fact, I think dim sum would be Chinese people's brunch. :P
Yew restaurant is located in the Four Season Hotel. The decor is absolutely gorgeous.
I loved their high ceilings, beautiful lanterns light with the shadowy branches and their modern cozy fire place.  We arrive right when it opened for their weekend brunch starting at 11:30am, and the place was already filled with lots of families (see theory in intro).
Once we were seated in our cozy booth, I noticed their placemat is actually a nice block of mosaic style tile. All I can say is they certainly went all out for design and style.
As we waited for our food to arrive, they served us complimentary sugar donuts with a side of passionfruit coulis. The donuts were warm, but too sweet with the sugar coating. However I did like the slightly tart passinfruit coulis.
Yew restaurant had a extensive brunch menu with many choices. Although each item has an individual price, but they do offer a 3 course meal for only $27/person. For R's starter, he went for the half a dozen oyster. These were fresh and juicy, but not as big as I've seen at other places. 
I went for the lobster roll with the passion fruit glaze. This was a big fail for me, as the roll was pretty tasteless. There was no salt or any form of flavouring, except for that small side of passion fruit glaze, which I thought went much better with sweet dessert.
For R's entree, he went for Tuna Nicoise, which is seared Albacore tuna on a bed of greens and soft boil egg with a honey mustard dressing. One of the main reason R didn't like this dish was because everything was served cold including the seared tuna. I guess this could be our own fault for not thinking about it when ordering. Either way, this dish was average, nothing really stood out, but then we could be bias, because R wanted something warm to begin with.
I went for Steak and Egg. The steak was done medium rare, but maybe I should have asked for medium. It was a little too bloody for my taste. Although it was rather raw, the meat was still too chewy. The potatoes were good, nice and crispy.
To end the meal I ordered Bombolini, which is Italian Beignets with organic strawberries and vanilla cream. Essentially it like a cream puffy, except the puff was actually a crunchy donut. Regardless of taste or presentation, the dessert just didn't live up to its fancy name.
R went for the trio dessert with Duck egg custard tart, cherry ravioli with pineapple consomme, and espresso banana lollipop. The presentation was very unique and pretty. The duck egg custard was good, but I couldn't tell the difference.  
The pineapple consomme was actually good, with a molecular gastronomy twist. This cherry ravioli add a touch of extra flavor when you pop it in your mouth.
The espresso banana lollipop was resting in a cup filled with sugar. This egg white encased lollipop is filled with a chocolate/banana ganache. Although I couldn't taste the espresso, but the ganache was really rich and delicious.

Despite the impressive d√©cor, the food was average. Service was also not what I expected. Our waitress's nonchalant manner was off-putting. She rarely came by, even when we were done and ready to pay. Either way, if you need a restaurant to impress, then this is it. Other wise, I would go else where.


Amt t February 15, 2012 at 4:35 PM

i love their food presentation! is this an average price for brunch?! maybe in my mind im comparing it to dimsum XD

Jenny February 16, 2012 at 2:24 PM

haha yeah, typical 2 course brunch at nice restaurant is at least $25 and up, so this one is pretty decent, I just wish they had the quality to match.

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