Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gadget Review - Cuisinart Waffle Maker


I been wanting a waffle maker for a long time, but then I am pretty sure it will be tossed aside once I've used it a couple times. So why did I end up buying one? Well, the reason was simple, you see I am huge fan of The Amazing Race, and one of the episode was filmed in Belgium, where they were making these delicious looking Belgium waffles. After that episode and my weakness for food, I immediately told R "we need a waffle maker". Low and behold, here it is... (hopefully I will use it often :P)

There were quite a few models out in the market, so choosing one was not easy. The prices varied anywhere from $35 to $150. Although many of them looked quite similar, the quality actually felt different when you see the display model. The one I purchased was on sale for $80, plus I had a gift card for Home Outfitters.
The box contained the nice stainless steal waffle maker, a moveable tray to catch all the spills and a little measuring cup. Unlike some of the other cheaper ones, this was polished and heavy (good material).
The buttons on this thing was pretty simple: ON and OFF and a dial to control the temperature (browning). There were also 2 lights, the Power On and the Ready. Once you flick the switch to on, the waffle maker will heat up and beep and light up when it's ready.
Since the plates are non-stick, no oil spray is required, but I still did spray it once in a while. By doing so, it can keep your plates looking new and remain non-stick.  Once you pour the mix in, just close the handle and turn it 180 degree to let it cook.
They included a little cup to measure the how much mix is needed per waffle, but it really depend on the mix. If it's thick, then you may need more and less if it's thin. 
See this is a case where I put a little too much, and the waffle mixed spilled over. Once the steam subside, a beep sounds will let you know it's ready.
Ta-da, here is it my beautiful, delicious deep pocket Belgium waffle hot off the grill. One of the major difference between North America and Belgium waffle is the leavening agent used in the recipe. Yeast is used for Belgium waffles, where as baking powder is used for North American type. Because of the yeast, Belgium waffle tend to be more doughy. Here I used a yeast recipe, and it turned out perfect. In a nutshell, I love my new Cuisineart waffle machine, because it's just so easy to use and clean (wipe the plates with a paper towel and brush the crumbs away).

Just a tip, if you use a yeast recipe, you an prepare the night before, and just let it rise in the fridge.  


Katie February 19, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Wow, your waffle looks amazing! ahhaa, when I saw the picture on my blog feed, I thought it was a bubble waffle maker. ):

Jenny February 24, 2012 at 3:23 PM

I wish, those are so delicious, I wonder where I can get one. :)

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