Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shanghai House - cheap, if you know what to order


Shanghai House Restaurant 上海人家

6340 #3 Rd, Richmond

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Cheap (depend on what you order) 

If it wasn't for the food, I think Richmond would lose its appeal real fast. First, finding parking is like finding a needle in the hay stack. Second, it seems like the parking stalls are made for smart cars only, and third, driving skills in that city really varies greatly :P. Anyway, so it's no surprise we are once again back in Richmond just for food, this time to buy some speciality food and to eat as well.
Since I was craving Xiao Long Bao and I wanted to try something new, thus we ended up at Shanghai House Restaurant right across from Richmond Centre. If fact it was so close, we just left our car parked in Richmond centre and walked across the street (see complain no. 1 and 2).
The restaurant didn't look like much from the outside, but it was actually quite nice and spacious on the inside. Since we went late in the afternoon, there was barely anyone there. I am pretty sure if you were to come around lunch time, this place would be jam packed like every other Chinese restaurant.
First things first, a steamer full of juicy xiao long bao. Here you can get 6pc for $4.50, which I thought was actually quite cheap comparing to some other ones. The skin was thicker than I am accustom to, especially the pleats at the top was chewy due to the thickness. The soup was thicker and slightly oily, despite this, it was delicious. What they lacked in skin is more than made up for by the stuffing/soup. I love the rich tasting glutinous soup. 
Well, although I said their xiao long bao is cheap, but their typical Chinese dishes were not. They were in the ranges of $10-$20. However, the noodle soups were a bargain. The above bowl of Sichuan spicy beef noodle was only $5.98. I don't even think you can get it for that price at the food court, let alone having someone serve it to you.  First the good, I loved their al dente slightly chewy fresh tasting noodles. There were plenty of beef briskets to go around. However, the brisket was a bit tough, which meant it wasn't cooked long enough. Therefore the soup also lacked that meaty flavour. Despite the downside, it was still a good bowl of noodle soup at $5.98
R ordered the clear broth chicken noodle soup for the same price. The chicken broth was better than mine and actually had that rich chicken stock flavour. The chicken was tender, but rather flavourless. I guess all the flavour went into the soup. The noodle was the same, so it was really good.
Although we were more than full from the above 3 dishes, I just couldn't skip one of my favourite dishes: sticky rice cake with pork rib. For $5.50, this was a rather generous portion. The rice cake was soft and chewy, but not really sticky. The pork rib, more like pork chop, was tender and juicy, with a nice crispy coating. The accompanying sauce was sweet and savoury, it was like the Chinese oyster sauce mixed with palm sugar.

Since there were barely anyone in the restaurant, the service was rather attentive. They quickly filled our tea and brought out our food. After that, they all retreated to the back for their own lunch break. Overall, service was actually not bad, but I can't say if it would stay this way when they are actually busy. Although I did not order any typical dishes, but base on what I've tried, I do recommend this place. Therefore, if you are hungry, do keep this place in mind, because they offer good food at a very affordable price, not to mention big portions as well. 


Anonymous January 18, 2012 at 10:42 PM

sorry for being such a spelling police, but it's "lose appeal" not "loose appeal."

it's just one of those errors that really bug me :)

otherwise, this is a great review!

Jenny January 19, 2012 at 8:09 AM

Thanks for pointing it out. It has been corrected :)

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