Tuesday, January 10, 2012

East India Grill - good Indian food in Langley


East India Grill

#106-19653 Willowbrook Dr, Langley (map)

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Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Fair

I think Langley get a bad rep for a place without much diversity (at least from what I heard), but I beg to differ. Other than many big chain restaurants, they do have many small unique restaurants, such as Mai's, and Luxe. They also have the nicest/cleanest Pho 99 I've ever seen.
East India Grill is located right next to Luxe. Since I been there once before, it was easy to find. They are open from 11-9 everyday except Sunday.
The interior was spacious and comfortable. They do have a couple flat screen TV hanging around. The decor was also very classy and beautiful.
Of course I had to order Naan bread, as it's a must in all Indian restaurant. The naan bread was nice and fluffy. The outside was burnt just enough for it to be crispy. I do recommend getting this, as it was perfect for scooping up sauces. 
This rice was very interesting. I know basamti rice was not suppose to be sticky, but this was downright dry. Also it was curly as if someone split each grain in half. Although I didn't particularly enjoy the rice, but it worked for the sauces from our dish, because it's absorbent. 

The first dish we ordered was the Lamb Bhuna ($10.95). I love the presentation here, it came in a small iron pot over a small burner. The food remained hot through out our meal. The downside to this was the size. The portion appeared much smaller than other places. The lamb was rather tender but slightly gamey. Although I did like the tangy flavoured sauce, but it was really quite salty. That is why you will definitely need rice when eating this.
We ordered the Chicken Vindaloo ($9.95). The chicken was over cooked, so it was a bit tough. The potato was great, soft and full absorbed the zesty flavour from the heavily spiced sauce. I actually really liked the sauce, and can taste the distinct flavour of cumin.

Service here was great, but then again there were only about 3 tables present. One thing I must note was the ambient temperature in restaurant was rather low, I guess that's why they have burners for their dishes?. Either way, their food was actually quite good, although prices seems a bit high to me, then again this is Langley (no competition = higher price). All in all, a good restaurant worth visiting if you are in Langley. 


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