Friday, December 9, 2011

Bubble 88 - finally another BBT with food in Surrey


Bubble 88

10209 King George Hwy, Surrey

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Food: 4
Service: 3
Price: Cheap

Whenever I crave Taiwanese food, I always either end up at Bubble World Surrey or Richmond. To be honest traveling 45 minutes just for some bubble tea food is not exactly ideal, so when I heard a new place popped up in Surrey, I was ecstatic.
Bubble 88 is located next to Surrey Central and really close to SFU campus.
I have to say they picked a really good location, consider the traffic in the area. From what I heard, they just opened in November, so it was no surprised the place looked spanking new. The decor was the typical modern design, but the big difference was the layout. It was spacious, unlike the ones in Richmond where you will be touching elbows with the next table while you dine :P.
All the drinks here come in 2 sizes, a regular and a large. I really liked the this, because I rarely finish my drink when I order a meal. Also the prices for a regular green/red/milk was only $2.95. The above was a specialty item: guava slushy for $3.45 (regular size). As much as I liked the price, but this drink was a fail. It was very light, and only a hint of guava taste. I've also tried their milk tea on other occasions, it wasn't rich enough.
One of the reason I chose to come here was because of their highly recommended half brisket/half tendon beef noodle soup ($7.50). Since one of our friend highly recommended, I had some equally high expectations. The noodle was al dente, but the beef was inconsistent. Some pieces were really soft, but others were a bit chewier. The soup was also not meaty enough in my opinion. So in conclusion, it was a good bowl of beef noodle soup for that price, but not the best I've had.
Second time around, I ordered one of their recommended items: Spicy Fish Hot Pot ($8.95). Although this typical Szechuan dish was not authentic, it was still pretty good. The fish was tender and not super spicy. The soup was a bit salty, but this was given because you weren't really suppose to drink it. There was plenty of fish slices to go around and it was also loaded with my favorite vermicelli on the bottom. Their side dishes was interesting as well, this time we had conch salad and braised gluten.
The miso seafood hot pot ($8.95) was very different from my spicy fish hot pot. It was sweet miso mixed in with a hearty seafood broth. There was a few piece of prawns, some fish balls, Chinese cabbage and vermicelli. Personally I really liked the soup, as it was not too salty but full of seafood flavors.
I also tried their Stew beef brisket in clay pot ($8.50), and I must say it was very satisfying. The beef briskets were super tender and full of flavor. It was savory but at the same time slightly sweet. Also they sure are not stingy with the meat, because I was very full by the end of this meal.

Bubble World Surrey has been running a monopoly out here since forever, but they are now looking at some stiff competition. The prices at Bubble 88 is just as cheap as Bubble World ( I went recently, they actually raised their price, their spicy beef noodle is now $8.25), and food taste just as good. Also, they are more spacious as well. I am certainly happy about this new place, because now I actually have a choice when craving bubble tea food. :)


Katie January 4, 2012 at 2:41 PM

Looks like this place is pretty good. I've always noticed that Bubble World had cheaper prices compared to other Taiwanese Bubble Tea Restaurants, especially in Richmond. :D Guess I'll be coming here more often while at Surrey~

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