Thursday, June 30, 2011

Countryside - not your typical Chinese


 Countryside Chinese Restaurant 田園東北人家

7506 Edmonds St, Burnaby (map)

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Food: 2
Service: 3
Price: Fair + 

When people talk about Chinese food, they are usually talking about Canton, Sichuan or Shanghai style cuisine. If you head to Richmond, it seems every restaurant is one of these 3 types. A few weeks ago, my parents and I were driving past our old neighborhood and noticed this somewhat new resgtaurant the offered food from Northern China, so we decided to check it out.

Parking was limited at the back of the restaurant. The restaurant was rather small, but made to appear larger with the added mirror walls. I wonder what was here before, maybe it was a pho restaurant, since the decor certainly felt that way.

We initially order Catsup Pork Hock, but sadly they were out. The owner suggested their pork bone instead  which was cooked the same way and at the same price ($9.95). They did give us these flimsy gloves to use to pick up the bones with our hand. This was disappointing. The meat was not fall off the bone tender and they were rather boney as well. On top of that, the sauce was not infused in the meat, but simply 'sitting' on top of it. For $9.95, I would have much prefer to order their pork hock instead.

 The next dish was the stir fried pork liver ($9.95). Personally I liked it, because it was fully cooked, yet still retained that springy texture. My dad on the other hand thought the liver was over cooked. The sauce was good and it coated all the liver slices evenly, and I liked the addition of the wood ear.
Next dish was the one I chose for my love of anything with vermicilli. It wa their braised pork with thick sweet potato noodle ($12.95). Typically use the wide type, but they actually asked which one I wanted, so I went for the skinny ones. The sweet potato noodles were too soft. The flavor was mostly just soy without much variety. The meat was over cooked to a point of being a bit mushy. Overall, this felt like a very home style dish not done properly.
The last dish was chosen by my mom, it was mix veggie sauteed of potato, green pepper and eggplant ($9.95). We all loved this dish, because all the veggies were deep fried, so they were nice and crunchy. The slightly sweet hoi sin sauce was the perfect compliment. Also, there weren't too much sauce to drawn the vegetables, thus they remained crispy.

When the veggie dish become your favorite among all the meat (especially if you are not vegetarian), you know this restaurant has really failed to impress us with their food. Service was good, they were quite attentive, but then again there were less than 3 tables in the restaurant. Anyways, if you are craving something different from the typical Chinese food, maybe you can check this place out, other wise, I would skip it.


Anonymous June 30, 2011 at 1:26 PM

This used to be a Shanghai restaurant. The previous owners are now operating Tasty Village on the corner of Moscrop and Willingdon. We used to come here for the XLB, etc. We ate here once when we didn't realize they had become Countryside. We tried it once and never went back.

R July 4, 2011 at 2:24 PM

They packed the rib in a plastic bag...A BAG straight, not even a tray or box!!! I was really surprised.

Jenny July 7, 2011 at 2:43 PM

@ Anon: I can see why, cause I certainly won't be back anytime soon.

@R: oh yeah, I totally forgot their cheap to-go packaging

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