Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cardero's - beautiful restaurant, but disappointing food


Cardero's Restaurant

1583 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver (map)

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Food: 2
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair +

I don't know what's with all the summer babies, but it's definitely the season for birthdays. A couple weeks back, J had a birthday party originally planned for Sand Bar, unfortunately they didn't take reservation (or was it our party was too big), so we had to relocated. The new chosen restaurant was Carderro in  Coal Harbor area.
I don't know if I been living in a hole or what, but I don't think I actually been to this area. This place was nice especially during a sunny day.
The restaurant is situated right next to the marina, so it's rather picturesque. The interior had a large airy open market feel. Because of this, the noise level was quite high as there restaurant got more busy, so it was hard to hear sometime. Also, they do have live music after 9pm on weekends, but once again due to the loud noisy, it was not as enjoyable as I would have liked.
Since we had such a big party, we ended up ordering in groups. For our group of 5, we shared a Margherita Pizza ($13). Although the crust was airy and crunchy at the same time, but the topping was disappointing. it was just some measly shredded basil scattered everywhere that didn't really contribute much to the flavor. Also the pizza was not really hot enough when served.

I ordered the Linguini Vongole ($17). The sauce was a good combination of white wine and extra virgin olive oil. The clams were good, but could be fresher. I am not sure if it's because we had such a big group, this pasta was once again luke warm. On top of that the pasta felt undercooked.
R ordered the oyster burger ($12). The sandwich came with either a side of salad or fries, and R went with the latter. These fries were pretty good: well seasoned and crispy.
As for the burger, he said the oyster were not oily or fishy and was nicely fried so that it's juicy yet crispy on the outside. The bread they used was not bad either, it seems to be a cross between foccasia and ciabatta.

Another dish which I accidentally deleted the photo was A's salmon. I have to talk about this dish, because it was horrible. I think it's the driest salmon I have tried thus far. A pretty much had to drink some water with each bite. Also the burger barely had any tar tar sauce which could have helped with the dryness. In a nutshell, this is definitely one dish that I won't recommend.

Although I liked the restaurant location, decor and service, but I just can't say the same for their food. Therefore, if you are looking for a good place to chill for the summer, this may fit the bill, but just be prepare for some average food (at least base on what I had).


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