Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stonegrill - lack of service


Stonegrill @ the Met

259 - 4820 Kingsway, Burnaby

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Food: 2.5
Service: 1
Price: Fair

I haven't been to Metrotown for ages, so I was totally unaware of any new opening. Apparently a new Stonegrill location has sprung up right next to the new Disney store (what, there is a new Disney store??). Anyways, since K and I had some major catching up to do, we decided to check out this new restaurant, and get some shopping done after :).
Stonegrill is located on the first floor right underneath the food court. Their doorway was so narrow, I nearly missed it. The restaurant was actually quite nice, as it was spacious and very bright due to the huge floor to ceiling windows. The decor was contemporary and upscale. Overall, the restaurant definitely looked nice, but the same can't be said for their service.

We were brought to our table promptly, but they never bother to come back and take our order. After about 15 min or so, another couple (dressed nicely) showed up, and the waitress immediately brought over water and was ready to take their order, all the while leaving us waiting without water. At this point, I had to flag down a manager to get our waitress.Oh did I mention, she and other waitresses actually made eye contact with me during this time, and still managed to ignore us.
Initially I was planning to stick with water, until I noticed that they served bubble tea. Purely out of curiosity considering this is a more upscale restaurant, I decided to order the taro milk tea ($2.75). The price certainly was cheap for such a nice restaurant, but the taste matched the price. It was not very creamy with artificial flavor, and there were barely any sweetness at all.
We waited 15 min for the waitress to take our order, and then waited another 20 min before our food actually arrived. If I wasn't there just for the pure purpose of catching up with K, thus did not mind the lack of service, I would have walked out.

This stone grill had a whole full menu on top of the 'stone grilled' items, so for my main, I went with the lobster panini with yam fries. For only $11, I was definitely not expecting real lobster, the "lobster" patty was actually good, as it does have a slight lobster taste. The bread was very interesting, as was very flat, but still airy and soft. The yam fries were sweet and crispy and came with a side of chipolte aoili for a spicy kick.
K went with the seafood pasta ($18). Remember I said we waited 20 min for our food, so when this came luke warm, I was not surprised. Although the al dente pasta was smothered in a nice light olive oil/white wine sauce, but it was just not as good as it should have been, if it was served hot. In fact, the mussel was actually cold. :(

Overall, the food was average, but I am really disappointed with the service. I am not saying our waitress was not friendly, but just time management was a major issue here. Also I am not saying that they judged us base on appearance, but it certainly appeared that way with the whole dressed up couple who got service first. As convenient as this location may be, I don't think I will come back anytime soon.


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