Friday, May 13, 2011

Ming & Sing - food court style Chinese food


Ming & Sing

#106 - 18640 Fraser Highway, Surrey

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Food: 3
Price: Expensive

Ever since Stanley Cup playoffs began, cooking is just too time consuming. So that only left me with 2 choices, I either dine out at a restaurant with TV or buy take out. This is how I ended up at this Chinese take out restaurant. Although I consider this type of food bad Chinese food, but there is something "special" about it, because I always seem to crave it once in awhile. XD

Awhile back when we were visiting Memphis Blues in Cloverdale, we noticed a Chinese Fast Food joint called Ming & Sing. From far away, it looked like 'Ming Sing', which led me to think it it was opened by some celebrity, because Ming Sing in Chinese literally translate to celebrity lol. Anyways, the restaurant actually looked quite nice from the outside, and really clean in the inside. Despite that it's mostly for take out, there are tables and chairs provided for in house dining.
Food was quite typical, with Chicken as the main meat source for most dishes. There were maybe 3 or 4 dishes that were beef and pork. Prices were on the high side, because 3 items will set you back nearly $10. I guess because of the location, there really isn't any competition to bring the price down.
R and I decided to share 3 items, as we were planning to grab bubble tea later. Their portion was actually not bad, but then again it wasn't cheap. We ordered the sesame chicken, this was rather bland, because there were barely any sauce at all. Also deep fried chicken was not crispy. The 2nd item we had was the Sichuan chicken. This was much better, as the chicken was tender, flavorful and only mildly spicy. For our main, we got a combination of fried rice and noodle. Surprisingly both were not bad. The rice was not oily, but flavorful. The al dente noodles and crispy vegetables really made this stir fried noodle stood out.
Lastly, we got the Sweet & Sour Pork. Instead of just piling it on our rice, they actually provided a separate take out box for it. The pork was pre-marinated, so you can actually eat it without the sauce. In fact, I preferred it that way, because it was super tender and delicious. Also, it wasn't heavily battered either. On the other side, the sauce was rather generic.

So the question is "Did this satisfy my craving for bad Chinese food?", and the answer is "Yes". The food was actually not bad, but just the price. For $10, I could have had much better Chinese food in Richmond, then again this is in Surrey, borderline Langley. Overall, I would recommend this place if you are in the area and craving this type of food, but just be prepare to pay more. :P


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