Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taiwan - Luo Dong Night Market


There are well over 10 different night markets all over Taiwan. Although majority of them are located throughout Taipei, but it seems each city has their own special night market. Since we were already in YiLan (accommodation blogged here), we just had to visit their famous Luo Dong night market ( 羅東夜市). This was on a typical Monday which was considered a 'slow' night, because apparently on weekend, the crowd will propel you forward and you will have no choice but to go wherever they are going. So my suggestion would be try to avoid all night market during the weekend.
The first stand that we saw with a lineup was this deep fried bun filled with local famous green onion and grounded pork. There was maybe around 5 people ahead of me, but apparently during the weekend, the line up could be well over 20 people.
The green onion bun was fried fresh, so the wrapping was nice and crispy. They rolled it quite thin, so it was not doughy at all. Since I took a bite from the green onion side, you can barely see the meat underneath, but trust me it's there and tons of it too. Both R and I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend.
This lineup we saw was for this Chinese angelica lamb soup. It was super long, around 20 people at least. Although there were several close by stalls selling the exact same thing, but it seems most people are willing to wait for this one, so we did the same.
We got the lamb soup with vermicelli, you can choose a variety of different noodles. A bowl cost $60NT which equivalent to $2CAD. Although also very cheap, but honestly I didn't really like it. This had that Chinese herbal medicine taste due to the usage of Chinese angelica, I guess this was more of a acquired taste.
Since we did have afternoon tea at around 2pm, we weren't that hungry, but when I saw this braised pork belly shop with 30 years of history, I just had to try it. The story was that they started as a street cart, but because it sold so well, they have upgraded to a store. Now people from all over the place come to try their delicious pork belly. The pork belly on rice along with miso soup cost a measly $45NT, that's only $1.50CAD. Also you can always ask for more braised sauce for your rice. This pork belly was excellent, it was soft, yet not falling apart. The sauce was great with a hint of sweetness. This once again falls under the category of highly recommend.

Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to spent in YiLan, but I am very glad to have gone to their local night market, as it's a totally different experience from the ones in Taipei with many different kinds of food. So I think Luo Dong Night Market should definitely be on the list of places to visit, if you ever decide to visit YiLan. :)


KimHo February 4, 2011 at 11:26 PM

While the food could have gone any way, I think you brought an even more important point: For god's sake, this is the type of food, not to mention the $$$, what *REAL* street food is supposed to be!!! >_<

Jenny February 8, 2011 at 8:29 AM

I guess that's why we are so not use to the street food here in terms of pricing, because for the price, you can probably go to a cheap restaurant, instead of standing around outside in the cold. I guess Street Food here is a whole another experience from what we know XD

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