Thursday, February 17, 2011

Montana's - 2nd chance


Montana's Cookhouse
1046 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
, Coquitlam

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Food: 2.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

Do you believe in 2nd chance? Well, I usually don't, but this time it's an exception, because I had a birthday party to attend to. The first time I went to Montana's was at least 4 years ago, and at that time I was less than impressed with their ribs. In fact, I thought it was down right inedible. Anyways instead of complaining (which I probably should), I just paid the bill and never came back.
The reason J chose this restaurant was because they are having he All You Can Eat ribs promotions, where you just added $1 more to turn their full slab portion into AYCE. Well, nobody can say I didn't give them another chance for redemption. :P
First up was the calamari appetizer (~$9). Although it looks good and was rather crispy, but it was tasteless. The only flavour came from the Thai style sweet chili sauce, which I find a bit weird.
As we had tons of people order ribs at our table, I thought I get something different. I ordered the baked chicken penne (~$14). The pasta was not bad, a bit on the soft side. The garlic cream sauce was a bit mild for my taste. I did like the chicken, as it was tender and flavourful.
Although there was a no sharing policy for the AYCE ribs ($24), but they really couldn't keep track, consider more than half of our table ordered it. So R ordered the regular ribs in the new Chipotle Honey BBQ sauce instead ($18). Well, the ribs are definitely better this time around, BUT it's still not as good as some other. Although I loved their new flavour  but the meat was just not tender enough. Usually the meat would be fall of the bone soft, but these required some gnawing. I also tried all their other flavors, but none stood out. In the end, I still preferred their chipotle honey.

Service here was good. Since it was J's birthday, they did bring out the huge antler hat and sang an unique birthday song. I must say, that was definitely the highlight of the night. Although I had tons of fun that night, but it was more about the company than anything else. If I really wanted ribs, I think I would go else where though.


Tia February 18, 2011 at 1:04 PM

I'm not a fan of montana's and i love really closeby, so it's too bad. your rview is spot on :)

DesignGirl February 18, 2011 at 3:55 PM

Once I had 3.5 racks for the AYCE and I got the meat sweats. My friend went this weekend and somehow ate 5 racks and packed a few to go.

Most of the stuff here is pretty average.

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