Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faubourg - another worthy dessert shop



2156 W 41st Ave, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Service: 4
Price: Fair

Although taste is subject, but I have yet to find a girl who didn't love some sort of dessert. So when a friend told me about this new dessert shop in Kerrisdale, I was all too excited. In fact, I dragged R out on a week night to try it.

The restaurant was a dessert shop, but at the same time also a bakery and a bistro. The front of the store has a simple set up similar to coffee shop, where as the back was a sectioned off bistro area for regular dining and afternoon tea. They has a nice display window showing what their afternoon tea ($25) has to offer. From the looks of it, I will be back soon :).
Here is their drink menu on a flat screen. This was also seen at Bella Gelateria, I guess with this type of menu display, they can change it easily.

For the drinks, R had a regular Americano, and I had the Marco Polo Latte, which was actually a tea latte. The tea had a slightly fruity taste with a hint of floral scent, which I enjoyed.

Since we arrived late (around 6pm), there was only a few desserts left. I was really keen on trying the chocolate tower, but I guess there is always next time. The first dessert we chose was the Raspberry Pistachio Mille Feuille (Napoleon) for $5. The tartness from the raspberry cream provided a nice balance to the sweet pistachio cream. I do have one little advice with this dessert, that is make sure you don't breath (more like inhale) when eating this, because you probably don't want to end up with sugar powder all over your face and up your nostrils.
I did not drive all this way just to try one thing, so we had to get a 2nd dessert: Chocolate Tart ($5). The shortbread crust was filled with rich and thick dark chocolate ganache. I like the dark chocolate ganache, because the bitterness from the dark chocolate help to off set that richness of the ganache. I also really like the short bread crust, it was buttery and delicious.

I think I saw one of the owner, she was speaking fluent mandarin with one customer, and conversing smoothly in French with another (impressed). Service here was really good as well. They were courteous and friendly. When I asked if they had any chocolate tower left, they even went to the back to check for me. Overall, both R and I were impressed with this new French pastry shop, and can't wait to come back and try their afternoon tea.


Anonymous February 23, 2011 at 10:19 PM

try their almond croissants, they are to die for! I think that they are better than the one thomas haus has to offer!

Jenny February 27, 2011 at 10:07 PM

Really, that's great news, because I LOVE the almond croissant from Thomas Haus, now I will definitely come back to try 2 things: afternoon tea and almond croissant.

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