Monday, January 31, 2011

South Ocean - push cart dim sum


South Ocean Seafood Restaurant 南海漁村海鮮酒家

4751 Garden City Rd, Richmond (Map)

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Food: 2.5
Service: 2.5
Price: Fair

Dim sum restaurants in Richmond are a dime a dozen. So the question, how do you go about to choose one? Well, for this time, it was dad who made that decision, so off we went to South Ocean Restaurant which still serves push cart dim sum.
First up is the shrimp and chive dumpling. Also the stuffing was generous, but the shrimp wasn't very fresh. The sui mai was good, as they didn't use all shrimp, so there was a nice balance of pork.
Next up was their rice roll wrapped with Chinese donuts. This dish wasn't hot when it arrived, which I thought comprised the taste, but at least their donuts was still crispy. The mushroom rice roll was mediocre at best, as the mushroom was rather bland, it's all about the sweet soy sauce.
The glutinous flour dumpling was not bad. The flour wrapping was chewy yet crispy. The mochi filled with red bean was average. The red bean was a little too sweet for my taste.
My favourite of the day had to be the pickled egg/pork congee. As the rice was very smooth and creamy. When it's this consistency, you this this congee has been cooked for a long time. The most disappointing dish was also my favourite dish at dim sum restaurant: the steam ribs. It was rather bony and bland.

I really don't recall the price, as Dad took care of the bill, but I think every dish was around $2.50 to about $3. So I would consider this quite cheap. Unfortunately this also reflected in the food being served, as most of them was just average. Although, I did not dislike the food, but I am not enthusiastic about going back either. So in conclusion, there are better ones out there (especially in Richmond).


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