Friday, January 7, 2011

Death by Chocolate - ambiance over food


Death by Chocolate

1598 W Broadway, Vancouver (Map)

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Food: 2
Service: 3.5
Price: Expensive (consider the quality) 6.75

I love desserts, and is always on the look out for good ones. So when I saw a deal on one of those group buy websites, I was immediately tempted to buy. You see, I actually been to Death by Chocolate about 5 years back at one of their other locations, but I barely remember anything. The one thing that I know is I don't have any memorable bad experience, so I jumped the gun and bought this deal: 2 pieces of cake for $7 with discount on drinks.
We arrived at their only location that has survived the recession. As promised there were drink special for those of us who bought this deal. We have a choice between latte, hot chocolate and tea for $2/cup. R went for the latte, while I went with the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate wasn't bad, but it just a bit powdery. However R did not like the latte, because there was way too much foam.
For my cake, I went for their original cheesecake. After the initial bite, I immediately recall having the same thing else where. This was the same cheesecake served at Fireside Cafe, and it still taste the same. The cheesecake was good, but no way the best. Also I notice the crust here was way too moist. It seems the same problem is also seen with the cake below. The tiramisu we had was not that great. The ladyfinger was way too soggy. After trying the two above cakes, the conclusion from both R and I was that the best part is the whip cream. It was fresh and only lightly sweeten.

In general, I have to say I wouldn't recommend the desserts here. I mean if the condiments on the side outshine the main dish, that's pretty disappointing. However there is one thing that I did like about the place, and it's ambiance. It was really nice to sit there basking in the sun and people watch. So I guess this place is only good if you want somewhere more for ambiance than for food.

PS: I promise I will pick up the slack, and start my travel blogging soon... giveaway coming up next... so stay tuned!!


Steph June 1, 2011 at 7:01 PM

This is really interesting... I completely agree with you about the foamy drinks and soggy cakes. But I noticed that your whipped cream looks completely different from mine. Yours is a lot firmer and looks decent, but mine is all watery. I'm surprised the place still hasn't closed down!

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