Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matoi Sushi - traditional and authentic


Matoi Sushi

#490-3025 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam (Map)

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Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Fair +

Matoi sushi is located in the same squares as Hons in Coquitlam, but I've never even noticed it. If it wasn't for a friend's recommendation, I probably would never discover it. Anyways, since K and I haven't met up for a long time, so I suggested this place, because it was in a area both of us are very familiar with.The restaurant was medium size with simple decor and some traditional Japanese booths. There was also a nice flat screen that was locked on some sports channel. I guess they are trying to win over the sport fans as well.
The chicken kaarage was not bad, you get 4 pieces for $4.50. These were deboned and rather juicy. However they paled in comparison with the ones from Nao Sushi, because they weren't as big or as juicy.Our next sharing appetizer was the clam pot (Asari). For the price of only $5.25, I thought the portion was quite large with lots of fresh clams. The flavor was great as well, so I would definitely recommend this.This up is the sushi rolls, we ordered the dynamite ($4.99) and spider rolls ($5.50). The rolls were good, as both the deep fried prawn and soft shell crabs are nice and crunchy, I just wish the rice would be a little more compact. Lastly we ordered a sashimi platter for $14.50. After sampling each piece, the consensus was that these were indeed very fresh and tasty. They also used good cuts of the fish as well.

I would said Matoi Sushi is one of these authentic Japanese restaurants that still serves the traditional fare. The restaurant is own and operated by Japanese people, and their service shows just that. They were courteous and friendly. Overall, I find their food quite good and would definitely recommend.


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